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Prey guide: ‘Do No Harm’ optional objective walkthrough

Do you know how many times we’ve had this conversation?

In "Do No Harm," the locked office in the Talos 1 lobby trauma center hides a secret about Morgan’s (your) past. Completing this optional objective will not only get you six neuromods (which would make the time investment worth it on their own) but it also fills in some details about your past — and raises some new questions.

Hendrick DeVries’ corpse

After you clear the technopath out of the elevator lobby during the optional objective "Lift Interference," you’ll find the body of Dr. Hendrick DeVries next to the elevator doors. You can loot his corpse for a TranScribe and the Hendrik DeVries’ office keycard. This will let you into his office down in the trauma center (off of the Talos 1 lobby).

Now that it’s working, take the elevator down and go to the trauma center.

Download DeVries’ decryption key

DeVries’ office is the first on the left in the trauma center. Go inside and use his computer to download the decryption key for the TranScribe you picked up from his body.

While you’re here, you can also use that code the quarantine patient carved on the wall — "DEVRIES 7324" — to open DeVries’ safe. Inside, you’ll get a psi hypo, a medkit, a suit repair kit and three neuromods.

Listen to the decrypted TranScribe message

The TranScribe message

Listen to the TranScribe message. (In your menu, it’s under data, then audio logs, labelled Morgan’s Breakdown.) When you listen, you’ll learn that the sole remaining copy of your evaluation is in Dr. Kohl’s office (next door), and you’ll get the cryptic hint "A, C, B, A, C."

Search Dr. Kohl’s office

Inside Dr. Kohl’s office, there are two computers. Go to the one on his desk. and use the utilities tab to reset the behavior test. Now go to the other computer and enter the answers you heard at the end of the TranScribe: A, C, B, A and C, in that order.

The painting on the opposite wall will slide up, revealing a safe.

Search safe

There’s not really any searching involved here. Just walk up to it and take the stuff inside — a TranScribe and three neuromods.

Listen to your psychological evaluation

All that’s left for you to do to finish off this objective is to listen to the conversation you had with Kohl. The sense of general existential dread and growing concern about the future isn’t necessary to complete it. They’re just a bonus.

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