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Prey guide: ‘Gathering Echoes’ walkthrough

Oh my, what a mess

When you complete "Detour," you will learn that the door to your next goal is locked. Zachary West — the corpse right outside of the deep storage door — has the keycard to crew quarters and a TranScribe describing what happened.

Table of contents

Find voice samples

There are several locations where you can pick up Danielle’s voice recordings (some of them are tied to her Fatal Fortress game). You need to pick up (at least) five in and around the crew quarters. There’s actually another that you may have picked up earlier — a session log that you could download from Dr. Kohl’s computer down in the trauma center — that will give you a head start. Once you get five recordings, you’ll complete this objective. You can still find others, but they’re not going to show up on your HUD any more.

Crew quarters

On your way into to crew quarters, you’ll bump into a phantom. Just inside the door, you’ll pass a locked security station on your right. (There’s also a storage room on your left that you won’t get into until the "The Lovers Gift" optional objective.) You can get into the security room with hacking 2.

Continue down the stairs and through another phantom to reach the entrance to crew quarters.

On the other side of the load screen, your first glimpse of crew quarters isn’t great. There are several mind-controlled humans wandering around, and you’ll immediately pick up an optional objective, "The Cook’s Request," from the cook in the cafeteria on your right. Either ignore the humans for now, or start hitting them with your disruptor stun gun so their heads don’t explode.

There’s a ton going on in this area — there’s a lot to find, a couple optional objectives to figure out and lots of story clues to catch up on. We’re going to focus on finding you the voice samples in this guide, but we’ll return for the rest in supplemental guides.

Before you even start looking, though, work your way over to and behind the concierge desk on your left, and use the utilities tab to grab the area map. You can also check the email for the new fitness center door code.

Search Danielle Sho’s crew cabin for samples of her voice

Danielle’s cabin is in crew cabins B — turn left at the concierge desk, then right at the bottom of the stairs, third door on the right. There’s a note on the keypad about another place you can find a voice sample — her TranScribe is in the theater. Her door is smashed, so you can walk right in — just watch for the phantom of Ivy Song waiting to jump you.

There’s another Fatal Fortress character sheet on the table ahead of you when you walk in — with a note about where they’ll be playing their game (another location for a voice sample).

Use the files tab on Danielle’s computer to download the first sample — a conversation about recording their Fatal Fortress session.

One of Danielle’s emails will point you to Skye Braxton’s habitation pod for another recording.

On the left side of the bed, there’s a broken TranScribe on the floor. You can fix it with repair and one spare part for another sample.

Search Skye’s habitation pod for samples of Danielle Sho’s voice

If you continue along the crew cabins B corridor, you’ll come to the habitation pods area. You’ll have to fight a poltergeist when you arrive, so be ready.

Skye’s pod is in the second row on the bottom right. Her TranScribe and the next sample is right on the edge of the bed.

Search the rec center for samples of Danielle Sho’s voice

The recreation center is across the main lobby from the concierge desk. There’s another poltergeist in here, along with (possibly) another mind-controlled human.

Head into the rec center’s main room and then continue up to the second floor. When you hit the top of the stairs, your goal is that big conference table in the back right — that’s where the Fatal Fortress session happened.

Grab everything you can or want off of the table, but your main goal is Elias Black’s TranScribe recording of the session on the left. Make sure to also grab Abby Foy’s cabin keycard from the right end of the table.

Sweep the rest of the room for anything to pick up, then head out onto the second floor balcony.

Search the theater for samples of Danielle Sho’s voice

Hop across the balconies (or just follow the signs from the lobby) to the entrance to the theater. You are looking the second theater in the hallway — just keep an eye out for the cystoid nest along the way.

Danielle’s TranScribe is under the middle seat in the second row from the top.

Search the Yellow Tulip for samples of Danielle Sho’s voice

The bar, the Yellow Tulip, is also on the second floor. It’s going to be dark when you first walk in, and there are a few mimics lurking around, so watch your step.

Turn on your flashlight and make your way inside. In the back right corner — to the right of the stage — look for an amp and a spotlight by the wall. There’s a maintenance shaft next to them that you can crawl into. Follow the tunnel inside to turn the lights back on in the Yellow Tulip.

Now that you can see, you can explore a little better. There’s a control room on the left side of the stage (stage right, audience left). Use the computer inside to play Alex’s toast and Danielle’s song.

Listen to Danielle’s song in the Yellow Tulip

As soon as the song starts playing, you may notice a counter on your HUD. That’s because the song is going to attract the attention on nearby typhons, so you need to get ready for a fight. An etheric phantom and a thermal phantom will come to investigate.

When the song ends, you’ll have the sample you need.

Search Abby Foy’s cabin for samples of Danielle Sho’s voice

Abby Foy’s cabin is in crew cabins B, right across the hall from Abby. Use the keycard you picked up from behind the GM screen in the rec room to get inside.

The password to Abby’s computer is on a sticky note on the bottom side of her desk. Get in and check the files tab for another sample.

The Cook’s Request

When the cook calls to you from the cafeteria when you first walk into crew quarter, it will give you a new optional objective. We’re going to include it here because you can walk away from the objective with another sample of Danielle’s voice.

Investigate the cafeteria

Carefully and quietly make your way to the cafeteria (unless you don’t care about people’s heads exploding around you). There’s a typhon telepath in here surrounded by mind-controlled humans.

Secure the cafeteria

Knock out the humans with your disruptor stun gun, nullwave transmitters or the mindjack ability, then you can turn your attention to the telepath. Nullwave transmitters and psychoshock will put it off balance for a few seconds, or you can knock it down with the GLOO cannon. After that, you can just pummel it with your weapon of choice.

Talk to the survivor in the kitchen

Meet Will Mitchell at the window. He’ll give you the Will Mitchell’s cabin keycard and ask you to retrieve something for him from his cabin. There’s something off about this guy.

Search the cook’s room for his award

Take the keycard and head over to crew cabins A. Will’s cabin is at the end of the hall on the right. Before you pick up the reward from his bedside table, check the TranScribe on his desk — this will get you a sample of Danielle’s voice, but also let you know what was so off about the cook.

Give the cook the award

How you proceed is up to you, but playing along is the quickest way to wrap this up. (Though, the cook is clearly an imposter and you’re well within your rights to knock him out or kill him.) Slide the award through the window, and he’ll unlock the kitchen door.

Enter kitchen

Head around and behind the counter to your right to find the door.

Replace the broken regulator

You have two options here: Fix the one on the floor with repair, or go retrieve a working one from the greenhouse up in the arboretum. It’s much, much quicker to just repair the one here.

The regulator in the greenhouse (which you can only get to without a fight if you’ve already completed "Savi Rani") is on the far side of the greenhouse from the main door, on the right side.

Search the freezer for supplies

Once you repair and/or replace the regulator, the cook will unlock the freezer for you to look for supplies.

It doesn’t go well.

Escape the freezer

When you are again able, head down to the end of the freezer and through the door on your left. Heartbreakingly, this is where you’ll find Abby’s body. Loot her corpse for a TranScribe with one more voice sample on it. This will get you the "Danielle Sho" optional objective.

Now you have to get out. Shoot the block of ice to the left of Abby with a q-beam blast (or pick it up with leverage) to get to the access panel behind it. This will lead you back to the kitchen, but the imposter cook (the impasta?) has fled.

Just be careful on the way out, since he’s booby trapped the door.

Restore from backup

The "Gathering Echoes" objective will end once you’ve gathered enough samples of Danielle’s voice. This will start "Restore from Backup," where you’ll use those samples to access deep storage.

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