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Prey guide: IT supply closet keycard

Hacking Talos 1

Where is the keycard for Prey’s IT supply closet, located just off of the Talos 1 lobby? Heck if we know. In fact, we’re not even sure that it exists. But we can tell you how to get into the mysterious IT supply closet without the keycard, even if it’s not strictly speaking playing by the rules.

In short, shoot the I.T. supply closet door with your GLOO cannon, covering it as best as you can. Then chuck a recycler charge grenade at the mess you’ve created. For some reason, that allows you to walk straight through the door — not open it, but walk through it.

Inside, you’ll find the tracking bracelets for Steve Folson, Richard Coveney and Harley Grainger. You’ll also find plenty of other supplies, which you can see in this guide’s video below. (There’s an alternate way to get those three crew members, but it’s full of spoilers, so we’ve included it below the video.)

Spoiler warning: The next part of this guide concerns late-game material, as it offers an alternative way to get the tracking bracelets.

Several other sources we’ve encountered report that Folson, Coveney and Grainger appear in life support late in the game, but only if you play Prey in a certain way. You’ll receive the "Showing Initiative" optional mission when Dahl arrives on the station, but only if you’ve killed nearly every human except Dahl, Alex Yu, and Dr. Igwe before Dahl arrives on Talos 1.

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