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Prey guide: ‘Shipping and Receiving’ and ‘Cargo Bay Defenses’ walkthroughs

So you came all this way — only to get back into Talos?

Back inside the station after the events of Prey’s "This Side Up," you’ll find yourself in the cargo bay. The problem is, you’re still mostly trapped — the elevators and airlocks are still locked out. But now you’re with the other survivors, and Sarah Elazar has a plan.

Table of contents

Find Chief Sarah Elazar

The first thing you’ll have to handle are the phantoms waiting for you — one voltaic and two standard. Once they’re handled, sweep the room for anything not nailed down, then look for the fuel storage bay, directly across from where you entered. If you want to get anything done here, you’re going to have to get the power back on.

The entrance to the fuel storage bay
Climb onto the shelves on the left to avoid the blue flames

Use your GLOO cannon to put out the fires, then turn into the hallway. You can’t put out the jets of flame with your GLOO, so you’re going to have to climb onto the shelves on the left, jump and duck your way through this hallway. Stop at Gus Magill’s corpse to pick up a password for later and a medkit.

There’s a greater mimic waiting for you in the doorway to cargo power control. Handle it, then turn right and use the screen in the corner to turn the lights back on. Unlock the door to the left of the light switch computer, and return to the main room. There’s a recycler and fabricator along the wall that you can use now.

Austin Cool gives the sitrep
The crane controls move the cargo door elevators up and down

There are a lot of new buttons you can push that will move the cargo door elevators up and down (which you can use to get access to some items scattered around), but your main goal now is to get up to the catwalk above you.

The easiest way to do this is to use the crane controls on the bridge in the middle of the room. This will raise or lower a container that you can jump into (or onto) that will take you right up. You could also make yourself some GLOO stairs, or use the various pipes and ledges around the room, but knowing how to use that crane is going to come in handy in a minute.

Get up to the catwalk and check out shipping and receiving. There’s a computer with some emails to read, and lots of general stuff to pick up. You can also check back in with Rani if you’ve saved her from the telepath in the greenhouse.

Meet Dr. Igwe

This is also where you’ll talk to Dr. Igwe, completing the "Doctor Igwe" optional objective you (probably) started during "This Side Up."

When you exit the room, you can talk to the other survivors and look around some, but your only real goal is finding Sarah Elazar. Head out the door and follow the catwalk across cargo bay A. Go past the grav lift on your right and the med bay on your left (which you can search and loot), then enter the control room.

Check every console and computer in here for emails, notes, transcribes, neuromods, ammo and an area map. Then you can talk to Sarah.

Cargo Bay Defenses

Sarah Elazar

Sarah needs you to help the survivors secure the cargo bay before she’ll let you open the door. You need to go find the turret fabrication plans or find a few nearby turrets. She’s not letting you out until the survivors stand a chance against the typhons. (This is technically a new objective, but since it happens in the middle of "Shipping and Receiving," we’re including it here.)

The end result of this section is to get at least three turrets on the survivors’ side of the door to cargo bay B. You can find them nearby (and repair them), or you can make new ones with the fabrication plan.

Retrieve the Turret Fabrication Plan

The location of the turret fabrication plans

Backtrack all the way to the cargo bay A hull breach you entered through a couple minutes ago. The turret fabrication plans are in another breach right next door. Float outside of the station, then turn to your left. There’s another exposed room right there with some cystoids and a weaver inside. Clear out the typhons, then get the plans out of the cargo bay security safe. (Sarah gave you the code when you talked to her.)

Now you can head back inside, and over to the fabricator. If you skipped the part earlier in this guide where you got the power back on, you’ll have to do it now. We’ll wait.

Use the cargo container on the crane that you rode up to the catwalk, and lower to the floor. Build yourself a few turrets and stash them in the cargo container — you have to take them upstairs to get them positioned. Once you have at least three (we recommend building three and repairing the two on the bridge, then fortifying all five — if you have the repair 3 ability), raise the container to the catwalk and ride it up.

Place turrets in the loading zone of Cargo Bay B

Carry the turrets through the room with the survivors and then drop down to the floor below. Deploy the turrets in the loading zone on the bottom floor — there’s a helpful whiteboard in the room where you talked to Sarah if you’re having trouble. You’ll have to make several (at least three) trips from the cargo crane to the loading bay, but the grav lift makes the return trip quick enough.

Get the Cargo Bay B keycode from Sarah

Once you’ve placed (at least) three turrets, Sarah will come out and give you the code to open the door.

Open Cargo Bay B and Destroy the Typhon Organisms

These are two separate tasks in this objective, but we’re lumping them together here because they happen in sequence. When you use the code to open the door, the typhons on the other side will attack. Use the turrets as your first line of defense (and the other survivors as your second), and take them out.

If you help all security officers survive the cargo bay battle, you’ll get Prey’s "The Gates of Hell" achievement or trophy.

Now you have access to cargo bay B, and can start figuring out how to get everything working again.

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