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Prey guide: ‘Golden Gun’ walkthrough

Uh, recommend security detail when I come in

You discover (or can find with a little work) all of the weapons available in Prey pretty early on. All of the weapons except one. The Artemis Golden Pistol takes a little work to get your hands on. It’s better than the silenced pistol you’ve already got (especially fully upgraded), but more importantly, it’s gold.

Find Captain Marks’ Golden Gun

You’re only given one task to complete this objective, but there’s more work than just walking in somewhere and grabbing a gun.

Marietta Kyrkos

Your first step is to find Marietta Kyrkos’ body. You can use a security station to pull up her tracking bracelet, or you can just keep reading. Her corpse is underneath Alex’s office in the Arboretum. You can climb the rocks up or, if you have access to it, take the grav lift up. From the balcony facing the greenhouse, jump over the railing on the right. Turn around and look under the balcony for a corpse next to a malfunctioning electrical junction.

GLOO (and fix, if you’d like) the junction, then loot Marietta’s corpse. You’ll pick up Captain Marks’ cabin keycard and a TranScribe. The TranScribe sure sounds like the shuttle that started the outbreak. Marks will call Kyrkos and ask her to bring her favorite gun to her — and transmit the code to her safe.

Captain Marks’ cabin

All that’s left is to follow your HUD marker to Captain Marks’ cabin. It’s in the Crew Quarters in Crew Cabins A — it’s the first door on your right. Head inside and grab the gun out of her safe.

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