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Prey guide: ‘Escape Attempt’ optional objective walkthrough

How to blow the Shuttle Bay escape pod hatch

Enter Escape Pod Bay in the Shuttle Bay, and you’ll receive the "Escape Attempt" optional mission automatically. As the in-game description says:

Frank and Emmanuella are trapped in an escape pod that failed to launch completely. The exterior hatch on the launch tube is stuck. If I get to the station exterior and blow the hatch, the pod can be manually launched.

"Escape Attempt" has three objectives, each of which we’ll walk you through below (and in the video above).

Blow the Shuttle Bay escape pod hatch from the station exterior (Talos 1 Exterior)

Backtrack up the stairs, and head to the hatch within the Shuttle Bay. Enter it to travel to the Talos 1 Exterior.

The Shuttle Bay escape pod hatch is to your left as you exit. Fly over to it. On the hatch, destroy the two cystoid nests and the four red explosive bolts. (We used a wrench in the video, but you could use a gun.)

Activate the manual escape pod launch (Shuttle Bay)

Return to the Shuttle Bay airlock, and reenter Talos 1. Make your way back to the Escape Pod Bay, and walk to the far end of the room by the windows. Open the Maintenance Access Panel, which reveals the Escape Pod Console. Choose "Auxiliary Launch Controls" and "Launch Pod 2."

Find what Emmanuella left for you (Shuttle Bay)

The final waypoint in "Escape Attempt" will lead you to a locker in Mechanic Facilities. Climb above the drop ceiling, and you’ll find two neuromods and a briefcase with a note attached.

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