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Prey guide: ‘Drunk Tank’ optional objective walkthrough

What — he didn’t show up for his shift again?

Prey’s "Drunk Tank" optional objective starts when you listen to Emily Carter’s TranScribe in the Escape Pod Bay of the Life Support area of Talos 1. She’s worried about a coworker who didn’t show up for work. Price has had some problems with chemical dependency.

Search for Price Broadway

If you’re a stickler for process, you can backtrack to the nearest security station and call up Price’s tracking bracelet. This isn’t necessary, though — you could just stumble across Price (like we did). Or you can read on, and we’ll just tell you how to find him.

  1. From the Escape Pod Bay, head back past the grav lifts and into the hall that heads toward either the Water Treatment Facility or the Power Plant.
  2. Take the lefthand branch to the Water Treatment Facility, then go straight through the room all the way to the back.
  3. Take the grav lift down to Waste Processing.

When you land, all that’s left is to hit the button on the console to harvest the eels. This will dump the tank ahead of you, and you’ll discover the unfortunate fate of Price Broadway.

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