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Prey guide: ‘Psychic Water’ optional objective walkthrough

You’ll just have to keep showing your special injector to Dr. Kelstrup

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There are two ways to pick up the "Psychic Water" optional objective. You can either stumble across the body of Tobias Frost or you might find his work permit in the Water Treatment Facility during "Reboot." Completing this optional objective means that your psi will recharge when you drink out of any of Talos 1’s water fountains.

Finding the work permit is not required for this objective. However, it’s right next to the local breaker on the ground floor of the Water Treatment Facility — where you restore the power to the Power Plant entrance during "Reboot."

Search for the Psychoactive Particle Injector

This objective starts in the access tunnel that leads from the bathroom to the security office hallway on Level 1 of Life Support. (You’ll be here during "Reboot" and the optional objective "Missing Engineer.") The corpse of Tobias Frost is on the side of the access tunnel that you’ll find in the bathroom. He’s in the dark stretch of the tunnel, so you’ll need to use your flashlight or you’ll miss him (like we did several times).

Loot his corpse to pick up the psychoactive particle injector and his TranScribe. Listen to the TranScribe to start the "Psychic Water" optional objective.

Install the Psychoactive Particle Injector in the Water Treatment Facility

The particle injector has to be installed in the Water Quality Lab on the highest level of the Water Treatment Facility. There are two ways to get there.

  • You can go through the Monitoring Station and out the back door to continue around the catwalks. But the door to the Water Quality Lab is busted, so you can only get inside with mimic matter 1.
  • It’s easier to use the catwalks and pipes to jump around to the other door — it’s just ahead and to the right from where you first entered the Water Treatment Facility through the maintenance access tunnel.

Inside, handle any typhons or corrupted operators waiting for you. Right in front of the door is the flow injection override terminal. Install Tobias’ psychoactive particle injector to complete the objective.

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