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Prey guide: ‘Million Dollar Caulk Gun’ optional objective walkthrough

I don’t mean to be a nuisance, but when do you think you’ll get to that breach?

The main story objective "Detour" will bring you to the Materials Extraction room in Psychotronics. Kristine Lloyd’s body is on the floor on the left side of the room just outside of the Materials Storage Subject Holding room. Pick up her TranScribe to get the "Million Dollar Caulk Gun" optional objective.

The room next to her is impossible to get into at the moment because there’s a vacuum on the other side. To get into the room, you’ll need to go on a spacewalk to seal up the hole.

Seal Hull Breach

Backtrack to the door to Labs B and go upstairs. Right above the entrance to the Atrium that you came through earlier, you’ll find an airlock. Activate the airlock and step outside.

Follow your HUD around to the right and down. The hole in the hull is buried behind a bank of solar panels on the side of the station. Maneuver your way down and plug the hole with your GLOO cannon, then follow your HUD back to the Psychotronics airlock.

Access Exotic Material Storage

Make your way back to the Materials Storage Subject Holding room. Just stepping inside the door will complete the objective, but there’s plenty to find inside. There are, however, some typhons lurking around that you’ll have to deal with first. Once they’re dispatched, sweep the room for a ton of exotic material — 50 units or so.

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