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Prey guide: ‘Assist Mikhaila Ilyushin’ optional objective walkthrough

I’d get up — except for my legs. And my lungs. And my nervous system.

Mikhaila Ilyushin and Morgan Yu have a … complicated history, but she’s helping you through the steps necessary during the main story objective "Reboot," and she’s in pretty rough shape when you find her.

Meeting her will trigger the "Assist Mikhaila Ilyushin" optional objective. It’s on a pretty long timer, so you don’t have to complete it immediately — you can complete "Reboot" first if you want to — but a little extra walking will let you complete it as soon as you meet her.

Meet Mikhaila in the Coolant Monitoring station in Power Plant

Mikhaila is in Lan Nguyen’s office — which is just inside the Coolant Chamber on the right. You’ll walk right past it on your way to the Reactor Core.

Find Mikhaila’s medicine in her office

The airlock right outside the office won’t work until after you complete the "Reboot" objective, so if you’d like to wait, you’ve probably got time — Mikhaila’s got about two hours before she needs her shot. Or you can do it now — it really doesn’t matter. If you’re an explorer or just play slowly, it might be best to backtrack before you get distracted.

If you haven’t completed "Reboot" yet, you’re going to have to backtrack all the way to Cargo Bay B, where you got inside after you escaped the station during "Restore from Backup." Exit the station the same way you came in. If you have rebooted Talos 1, you can use the airlock right next to the office.

Mikhaila’s office is a little down and on the other side of the station from the Cargo Bay breach. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you spot a technopath waiting for you with a couple of corrupted operators.

Turn to the right and enter the breached offices. You’ll have to clear out some cystoids, but you’ll find Mikhaila’s medicine in the cabinet in the far right corner. While you’re in here, check her email, and keep an eye out for a free-floating neuromod.

Get the medicine to Mikhaila

If you repaired the grounding resistor when you first got to the Power Plant area, you can get into the other office here to grab a couple more goodies. Go out into the hall to find two more neuromods, then continue across the hall into Talia’s office to find a couple psi hypos.

Now you can backtrack again, all the way back to Cargo Bay B, and retrace your steps to Lan Nguyen’s office in Coolant Control. Talk to Mikhaila to give her the medicine. This will earn you the "A Friend In Need" trophy/achievement and complete the optional objective.

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