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Prey guide: ‘Ghosting Dahl’ optional objective walkthrough

I have no doubt his Operators are already on their way to rescue you.

Prey’s "Ghosting Dahl" optional objective begins when Walther Dahl arrives on Talos 1, and things somehow start going even less according to plan than before. Ever helpful, January points out that you’re wearing your TranStar-issued tracking bracelet, and that’s probably not a good thing when you want to avoid being found.

Deactivate your Tracking Bracelet

You’re going to have to fight (or avoid) your way through Dahl’s military operators on your way to Deep Storage. EMP charges and your GLOO cannon will incapacitate them briefly. Hacking and machine mind will make them friendly. Bullets will make them stop shooting you with lasers.

Tracking bracelets are controlled from a computer in Danielle Sho’s office in Deep Storage — you were in her office during "Restore From Backup." From the main hallway in Deep Storage, take the stairs on the right toward the Data Vaults, then take the catwalk on your right across to her office. The only thing you need to do to complete this objective is enter your Bracelet ID — 0913 — into the Personnel Tracking computer in Danielle’s office.

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