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Prey guide: ‘Trouble Processing’ optional objective walkthrough

It’s like it just grew legs and walked away or something.

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

On one of your trips to Prey’s Cargo Bay — if you turn the wrong way during "Detour," while exploring after "This Side Up" or during "Whistleblower" — you may notice the computer next to the microgravity cargo processing area is displaying an error message. The "Trouble Processing" optional objective is pretty easy to miss, but it doesn’t take long to fix and it’ll get you some loot, so it’s worth the time.

You’ll start this mission at the cargo processing computer in GUTS. It’s right below the GUTS entrance to the Cargo Bay behind a red fence — basically at the very end of the GUTS tunnel.

Until you wrap your head around it, it can be confusing to transition from the Cargo Bay to GUTS and back. Here’s a handy video (taken after this objective was completed) to help you find your way.

Activate cargo processing (in GUTS)

Clear the error off of the computer, then check the email. To complete this objective, you have to push a button here, then push another button on the computer in the Cargo Bay within eight minutes. This is about seven and a half more minutes than you’ll need, so don’t worry about rushing.

Check the utilities tab and hit the "Activate GUTS Processing" button. Then you can head into the Cargo Bay to the other computer.

Activate cargo processing (in Cargo Bay)

Head to the computer inside the Cargo Bay — it’s just on the other side of the stairs where you enter, next to the cargo processing area — and repeat the process. Clear the error and go to the utilities tab. This time, hit the "Activate Cargo Bay Processing" button.

Now it’s time to head back into the GUTS one more time.

Open the cargo door

Go back to the Cargo Processing computer and check the utilities tab again. This time, there will be an option to "Open Cargo Door." Push it to complete the objective. Once the door opens, you can head through it to find a couple of cargo containers with some helpful loot inside — a medkit, a suit repair kit and a nullwave transmitter.