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Prey guide: ‘Disgruntled Employee’ optional objective walkthrough

I want to know where he is — and escort him where he needs to go.

In Prey, the corpse of Jia Kyung-Ho is waiting for you when you first reach the Arboretum from the GUTS during "Detour." When you pick up his TranScribe, you’ll hear a message from Sarah Elazar about a problematic employee. It’ll be a little while before you can finish this objective — you need access to Deep Storage, which will only happen after "Gathering Echoes" (and during "Restore from Backup"). Tracking him down during the "Disgruntled Employee" optional objective takes a bit of work, but he’s got a suit chipset that makes it well worth your time.

Go to Deep Storage and activate Grant Lockwood’s tracking bracelet

There’s a computer in Danielle Sho’s office on the second floor of Deep Storage that controls the tracking bracelets. Enter Grant Lockwood’s bracelet ID — 1129 — and he’ll show up as an objective on your HUD.

Locate Grant Lockwood

Grant’s not actually on the station anymore. He’s floating outside, so there’s really no rush to go find him. When you’re ready, you can use the airlock that’s right outside of Deep Storage (on the way back to the Arboretum). Float out to Grant’s body and loot it (and the briefcase next to him) for a suit repair kit, a neuromod and the ARTX Propulsion Gen 2 suit chipset.

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