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Prey guide: ‘The Lover’s Gift’ optional objective walkthrough

Are you ready for your instructions, my lady?

Prey’s "The Lover’s Gift" optional objectives begins when you find Lawrence Baxter’s TranScribe in his pod in the Crew Habitation Pods area of Crew Cabins B. It’s in the middle row in the upper right, right above Skye Braxton’s (which you’ll visit during "Gathering Echoes"). When you listen to it, you’ll hear Lawrence arranging a date with Elle Gold.

Find the tree with the lovers’ initials

The first step on the lovers’ date is the tree where they carved their initials. The easiest way to find the location is by using a security station to activate Elle Gold’s tracking bracelet — that will lead you right to it. You can also use that map above.

To the right of Elle’s corpse is a large rock. You’ll need leverage 2 to pick it up. Underneath, you’ll find the Storage Room A2 keycard.

Use keycard to open the storage closet

The storage room is right across from the security booth in the entrance to Crew Quarters. When you open the door, you’ll find Lawrence still hanging around waiting for his date. Except he’s a voltaic phantom now.

After you dispatch him, search the closet for anything you can pick up. Notable items are a medkit, a psi hypo, a shotgun and shells and a neuromod — you know, all the things you need for a romantic date.

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