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Prey guide: 'The Repo Man' walkthrough

"The Repo Man" is part of a series of intertwining story objectives that take place as Prey's conclusion nears. Though you're free to complete many of these objectives at your leisure, there's a more efficient way. We've corralled them into our "The Keys to the Kingdom" guide, which encompasses several related objectives. This guide focuses entirely on "The Repo Man."

The Repo Man

Dahl’s shuttle is unsurprisingly docked in the Shuttle Bay, which you can access from the Talos 1 Lobby. This is an area you probably haven’t explored yet, so take a minute to get a feel for it. You only have one task to complete here, but there are a lot of steps involved.

Shuttle Control Room keycard

Start with the Sky Lounge right ahead of you and on your left. Sweep the room for stuff to pick up, then turn your attention to the bookcase in the middle of the room. Climb to the top of the bookcase and take a swing at the "window" above you to smash the Looking Glass display.

Poke your head up through the ceiling and look around. There is a vent on the left side of the room that will drop into the Pilot Planning Room. Make your way over to it and drop through.

Pick up everything in here that’s not nailed down. There’s a TranScribe and a white board that will both point you toward the "Shuttle Advent" optional objective if you haven’t done it yet. Make sure to check all the lockers for loot, but the most important thing you’ll find in here is the Shuttle Control Room keycard.

Use the button to unlock the door and get into the hallway. To your left, there’s a staircase that leads down to another escape pod bay. To your right is the main hangar of the Shuttle Bay. There’s an optional mission in the escape pod bay, but it overlaps with everything you’re doing here, so go pick it up.

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