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Prey guide: 'Before I Give You the Key' walkthrough

"Before I Give You the Key" is part of a series of intertwining story objectives that take place as Prey's conclusion nears. Though you're free to complete many of these objectives at your leisure, there's a more efficient way. We've corralled them into our "The Keys to the Kingdom" guide, which encompasses several related objectives. This guide focuses entirely on "Before I Give You the Key."

Before I Give You The Key

From Alex’s office to the Talos 1 Exterior, back to Alex’s office.

Watch the video in Alex’s office

When you get back to Alex’s office in the Arboretum, you can use the grav lift keycode he gave you so you don’t have to climb up the side this time. Check his computer for a new entry on the utilities tab. Play "WatchMe.Lgv."

Alex will call you after you’re done and talk to you about your next step.

Get the chipset for scanning coral from Alex’s desk and install it

There’s no trick to this. Just wait until the end of your phone call with Alex and the Coral Detector 64Si scope chipset will appear on the desk to the right of the computer. You might have to do some rearranging, but you’ll only need to have it equipped for a short time.

Scan the Coral in the Exterior

Make sure the "Before I Give You The Key" objective is active in your menu, then head outside of the station through one of the airlocks.

There are two nodes to scan, close together. They’re located about halfway up the station between the Lobby and the Arboretum. The best approach to finding them (since you can leave from any of several different airlocks) is to fly straight out from the station, then turn around and locate the markers on your HUD.

You’ll have to fight through a few typhons and corrupted operators on your way to the coral nodes, so take your time. With your new Coral Detector 64Si scope chipset installed, follow the HUD markers to the nodes and scan them.

After you scan the second node, Alex will call again and ask you to load the data onto the computer in his office. He’ll also warn you about a recent shuttle launch by the TranStar board of directors.

Upload the scan data with Alex’s terminal

Get back to Alex’s office in the Arboretum, and access Alex’s computer again. There’s another new option on the utilities tab for "Coral Data Management" that will let you upload the scanned data you just collected.

Before it completes, though, everything goes sideways. That shuttle launch Alex warned you about delivers Walther Dahl to Talos 1. He starts his takeover as soon as he lands. His interruption closes out "Before I Give You The Key" and starts several optional objectives along with Prey’s "The Repo Man" main story objective.

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