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Prey guide: Decisions that affect the ending and ‘A Hidden Place,’ explained

I need to know if you see us.

Before we say anything else: This article is full of Prey spoilers. This is all about the very, very end of the game and its implications. You’ve been warned.

Well. Here we are. The end. Now what?

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After the credits roll, you’ll wake up in "A Hidden Place." You’re in a chair, and Alex and a few operators are looking at you judgingly. Because that’s exactly what they’re doing — they’re judging your actions during the game.

The four operators lay out and tally up all of your choices, and then decide whether or not you should be allowed to live. Broadly speaking, the math is: saving people is good, killing people (or letting them die) is bad.

Below, we’ll address each character and list and link to the missions where you can affect Prey’s ending.

Dayo Igwe

The operator version of Dr. Igwe speaks first. He mostly judges you based on whether or not you saved him and optional objectives involving him, which makes sense.

Mikhaila Ilyushin

Like Dr. Igwe, Operator Mikhaila is first concerned with whether or not you saved her.

Sarah Elazar

Operator Sarah is up next. A lot of what she talks about isn’t really optional — she’ll talk about your actions during "Shipping and Receiving" and how many typhons you killed.

  • "Shipping and Receiving"
  • "Dahl Ultimatum" (We’re including this one here even though our guide lets you skip it. It affects Sarah’s recommendation, though, because you have the option to just let everyone in the Cargo Bay suffocate.)

Danielle Sho

Interestingly, Danielle Sho is one of your judges. We say that’s interesting because it’s possible to avoid her completely in the game.

  • "Danielle Sho"
  • Danielle is also concerned with how many typhon-controlled humans died. You won’t get penalized for letting them die ("Not that it was easy to avoid"), but if you save enough humans, it’ll sway her to your side.

Morgan’s Final Choice

After the operators are all done and make their recommendations, Alex will give you one final choice to make (assuming they let you live). There’s nothing subtle about the choices — the result is exactly what it says. And we’re not going to tell you which to choose. Prey ends either way. It’s just a question of what kind of person you want to be.

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