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Prey gude: Save Alex walkthrough

"Save Alex" is part of a series of intertwining story objectives that take place as Prey's conclusion nears. Though you're free to complete many of these objectives at your leisure, there's a more efficient way. We've corralled them into our "The Keys to the Kingdom" guide, which encompasses several related objectives. This guide focuses entirely on "Save Alex."

Table of contents

Save Alex

Save Alex

The typhon-monster attack breaks the windows around the Arboretum and shuts down the artificial gravity. Alex is unprepared for this, so it’s up to you to save him (or not, if you don’t feel like it).

Get to Alex before he dies

Maneuver toward Alex and grab him. You can take this opportunity to empty his pockets as well — he’s got Alex’s Arming Key fabrication plan and Alex’s Arming key, as well as two neuromods and a TranScribe.

Put Alex in his safe room

Drag him back into his safe room. Head inside with him and loot the place. There’s a bunch of food, a medkit and a silenced pistol inside. Get him away from the door, then head back outside.

Use voice lock to shut the safe room door

Play the TranScribe you looted from Alex and push the button outside. This will close and lock the door and save Alex.

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