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Prey guide: How to disable military operator dispensers

Block 'em

This guide also appears within our "The Keys to the Kingdom" guide, at about the time that Prey's main story objectives all become intertwined. "The Keys to the Kingdom," starts during "Restore from Backup," pauses during "Shipping and Receiving" and its associated "Cargo Bay Defenses" and then "Reboot," then branches into "Before I Give You The Key" which, in turn, launches "The Repo Man," putting itself on hold until that last one is completed. And "The Repo Man" has several optional objectives branching off from it. Be sure to check out the links above for our walkthroughs, which are packed with more helpful hints.

Shutting down military operator dispensers

Military operators are a pain to deal with, and they don’t stop coming. Instead of wasting your ammo, health and patience dealing with them, wouldn’t it be nice to shut down the dispenser? Sadly, that’s impossible. But there is a way to trick it.

There’s nothing subtle about this trick, but it works. Ready? Just pile crap in front of the dispenser. It will sense the obstruction and stop churning out operators. That’s it.

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