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Prey guide: ‘Copy Protection’ optional objective walkthrough

Make more neuromods

After you’ve picked up the neuromod fabrication plan and crafted seven neuromods, something goes wrong, and Prey’s "Copy Protection" optional objective begins. As the objective summary says, "Lead neuromod engineer Halden Graves revoked all neuromod fabrication licenses. I need to find his office and figure out how to reset the licenses if I ever want to make another neuromod."

Find Halden Graves' office and Get into Halden Graves' office

Halden Graves' office (pictured above) is in the Neuromod Division Fabrication Area. The first time you go, you’ll have to get to it through the Volunteer Quarters. Halden Graves’ office is on the second floor in the back left corner of the large room.

Reset the licenses for the neuromod fabrication plans

Inside Halden Graves’ office, there’s a greater mimic waiting for you. Destroy it, loot Graves’ corpse, and go to his computer. Navigate to Utilities > Neuromod Licenses. After a few moments, you’ll will reset the neuromod license. You’re now free to craft as many neuromods as you like.

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