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Prey guide: How to find Dahl's tech officer during 'The Repo Man'

A potentially difficult game of hide-and-seek

One part of Prey's "The Repo Man" mission can either be super easy or frustratingly difficult: finding Dahl's tech officer. If you don't have a marker on your HUD leading you straight to it, then this guide will help you find the location you're looking for.

Disable Dahl’s Tech Officer

There are several ways this task can go. Listening to the "Mission Parameters" recording should give you a new marker on your HUD that will point you straight to the Tech Officer. If you’re unlucky, it might not — which was our experience in one of our games. Here’s why that matters (and sucks): the Tech Officers appears in one of four places. The "Mission Parameters" recording will give you a general area, but if you don’t have a HUD marker, you’re going to be stuck walking from room to room.

The Tech Officer can appear in four places: Neuromod Division, Hardware Labs, Psychotronics or Talos 1 Exterior. If you’re really lucky (like we were in a different playthrough), it’ll be in the Talos 1 Exterior — there’s an airlock right here that will take you straight to it.

If it’s in one of the other areas, check your objective and get to the general area. If you’ve got a HUD marker, just follow it. If you don’t, just start checking rooms. You’re looking for an operator that’s labelled KASPAR.

When you find KASPAR, your goal is to disable it. You can destroy it or hack it (if you have Hacking 4).

Editor's note: This guide also appears within our "The Keys to the Kingdom" guide, at about the time that Prey's main story objectives all become intertwined. "The Keys to the Kingdom," starts during "Restore from Backup," pauses during "Shipping and Receiving" and its associated "Cargo Bay Defenses" and then "Reboot," then branches into "Before I Give You The Key" which, in turn, launches "The Repo Man," putting itself on hold until that last one is completed. And "The Repo Man" has several optional objectives branching off from it. Be sure to check out the links above for our walkthroughs, which are packed with more helpful hints.

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