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Prey guide: Finding and fighting mimics

That coffee cup might want to kill you

Mimics are your basic enemies in Prey, so getting used to dealing with them early is only going to help in the long run. You’ll encounter your first mimic long before you understand what they are, but the game will only make you interact with (kill) them when you’re ready.

Mimics are pretty much exactly what their name implies. They’ll small, black goo monsters that can take on the shape of anything. Anything. From a coffee cup to a bucket to a chair. And they want you dead. Here’s what to watch for:

One of these is a mimic, one is a dustpan.
  • Pay attention when you enter rooms. You’ll often catch them as they scurry past (they don’t want to be caught right away). You won’t always see where they end up, but you’ll at least know they’re there.
  • Watch for two identical things. Anything from garbage on the floor to a chair or a coffee cup.
  • Watch for the second thing to wiggle. If you approach slowly, you might catch the mimic moving a little. This gives you a chance to prepare.
  • When in doubt, hit it with your wrench. This is just our go-to life advice, but it applies here as well.

When you get close enough, the mimic will launch itself at you. Now it’s time for phase two: smushing.

  • Don’t underestimate them. Yes, they’re the basic enemy, but they pack a heck of a punch (especially early on).
  • They’re fast. Much faster than you are with your wrench. Take your time, aim carefully and be patient.
  • Charge your wrench strike. Hold down the attack button to charge up your swing. This will take out a mimic in one or two hits instead of seven or eight.
  • Use your GLOO cannon. This will immobilize them for a few seconds. Lock them in place, then destroy them with a charged wrench strike. Even later, when you’ve got better guns, using the GLOO and wrench will handle smaller enemies in a more ammo-friendly manner.
  • Use turrets. Keep one close to you and kite the mimics back to it. Turrets can usually take care of mimics without taking damage, which provides you with a hands-off solution to your problem.

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