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Prey guide and walkthrough

Prey might seem familiar. You may have seen its components before in games like BioShock, Dishonored, System Shock and even Gone Home — just not quite in this arrangement. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy, or that you’re going to know what’s going on right away. And that’s a beautiful thing. Prey is all the right kinds of perplexing and complicated.

So suit up, it’s time to get your first day of work started.

Editor’s note: Our Prey guide is a work in progress, so be sure to check back at this page often to read our latest guides, tips, tricks and walkthroughs.

Learning to play Prey

Weapon and ammo guides

Prey’s multiple endings


In this section, you’ll find walkthroughs that take you through every area, every room, every enemy and every important item in Prey.

How to use Polygon’s Prey walkthroughs

We’ve organized our guide by the objectives (and locations) you’ll see in the game. There’s going to be a lot of exploration available to you. We’ll point out the important things and items, but our first focus will be on the direct path to the next goal. Then we’ll get to exploring the surrounding areas.

Main story

Optional missions and objectives

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