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Prey guide: ‘Detour’ walkthrough

Alex insisted he could control the situation

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

I need to make my way to Deep Storage, a data processing facility of the Arboretum. The main lift is inaccessible, but January says there’s another way up. First I’ll have to get through the Psychotronics lab.

Table of contents

Enter Psychotronics

The General Access keycard you got from January gets you through the Psychotronics door on the first floor of the Talos 1 Lobby. There are two etheric phantoms stalking around the first floor, so when you use the keycard to get into the front room of Psychotronics, head to the computer on your right to re-lock the door — if you hurry, you can avoid fighting them.

There’s another computer with an email (and an origin story for Elias’ Fatal Fortress character sheet) and a safe in here. The safe is malfunctioning, so you can only get into it with Hacking 2. It’s worth the effort, though, because there is a weapon upgrade kit and four neuromods inside.

Continue into the hallway on the far side of the room. There’s a door on your right that will lead to a room with a lightning-spewing broken electric junction and a broken recycler. You’ll need Repair 2 to fix the junction, but only Repair 1 to fix the recycler.

Back outside, continue down the hall and to the stairs. There’s another etheric phantom waiting for you. Luckily, it’s standing right next to an exploding canister that will give you a head start on taking it out. Head the rest of the way down the stairs and down to the hallway to find the official (load screen) entrance to Psychotronics.

Access the GUTS

First off, GUTS stands for Gravity Utility Tunnel System. With that out of the way, let’s get exploring.

You’ll have to get past another arcing junction to get through the next door. Again, GLOO gives you a temporary fix, or you can repair it if you have the spare spare parts. Drop into the pit on the other side of the door to find a mimic and a corpse to loot — he’s just got some random trash and a few bullets, though.

Continue through into the tunnel on the other side of the round room. There’s a security booth on the right with a broken keypad. You can hack in with Hacking 2 to find a pistol, a weapon upgrade kit, a couple of turrets and a computer with the area map.

Keep heading along the hallway to find the men’s and women’s clean rooms. Start with the women’s on the left. Sweep through to take out the Typhons inside and to pick up anything you find, then continue out the other side. Your goal is through the airlock ahead of you, but you can’t get there until you find something called a psychoscope. Turn right and work your way backwards through the men’s clean room. At the front door, you’ll find a corpse and a hole in the floor. Loot the corpse, then drop through the hole.

Handle the mimics that rush you from the other side of the GLOO wall, then head into where they came from. There’s another GLOO cannon on the ground along with a corpse. Loot the corpse for a couple neuromods and a psychoscope.

Now you can backtrack to the airlock and pass through. (You’ll also have a bunch of new abilities to use neuromods on — for now, you’ve got a bunch of new Scientist abilities related to your psi abilities and your new toy — along with some new Typhon abilities that you’ll be unlocking with your psychoscope.)

Back up top, there’s a phantom wandering around that will let you practice using your psychoscope. Once it’s handled, continue through the airlock and take the grav lift up.

Proceed past Psychoscope calibration checkpoint

Your primary goal here in the atrium is just to scan the various Typhons in the containment chambers in the middle of the room. When you do this, Alex will call and give you the code to a safe we’ll find in a second. You can also sweep the right side for some loot. There’s a big, optional room on the left that will take a minute to explore, but has some worthwhile loot and story clues.

Smash through one of the windows to the director’s office to get inside. Handle the arcing junction, then sweep the room for goodies. There’s also a recycler and fabricator in here. Loot Kelstrup’s corpse for the Director Kelstrup’s office keycard and Director Kelstrup’s cabin keycard. Use the code Alex gave you earlier (or Hacking 4) to get into the safe for the neuromod fabrication plan and a couple neuromods.

Use the computer to find a couple of interesting videos, then use it to allow access to the Looking Glass conference room. This opens a secret door ahead of you. Go in and go downstairs to the conference room. You can play the TranScribe you find and explore the Looking Glass video — just watch for the phantom that follows you down the stairs — but the important item is to the left when you enter. There’s a suit chipmod on the counter.

When you’re done, continue out the door on the other side of the Atrium. Your goal is ahead of you, but there’s goodies to be found through the doors on either side.

Labs A

On your right after you pass through the psychoscope calibration checkpoint, you’ll see a door labelled Labs A. The staircase is out, but you can make some GLOO stairs to get up to the second floor.

Go through the door and take the hallway on your right — just watch for the mimics and the phantom. The first door on your right is a med bay with a medical operator dispenser.

Ignore Annalise Gallegos’ office for now — it’s full of mimics and you’re going to have other Typhons to deal with first. Go through the labs and take out the phantoms that come at you. Pick up anything you find as you loop your way around to the right, back to Annalise’s office.

There’s a GLOO’d shut window with a note next to it warning about the mimics inside. Smash through and handle the mimics (try to scan them first, if you can). Sweep the room for items — there’s a pistol near the body in the middle of the room and a neuromod on Annalise’s desk.

Hacking 1 will get you into Annalise’s computer, where you can get a new optional objective called "Whistleblower."

Labs B

The first hallway you pass in Labs B is full of Typhons. After you take them out, head to the window next to the locked office. There’s no way past the door, but you can use your Huntress Boltcaster to interact with the computer. Open the utilities tab and unlock the door. Sweep the room for loot — there’s some ammo, some grenades and a weapons upgrade kit.

Head down the second door on the right to get into Helen Barker-Combs’ office. Sweep this office as well and check her emails for some disturbing information about one of the research subjects.

Check the hallway around the back of the lab for a corpse with a TranScribe and another GLOO cannon. You can get into the lab with Leverage 2, or just by smashing a window. Thankfully, Rory really did go around and label everything that’s not a mimic. There are still a couple sneaky ones in here, though, so watch your step.

After you’re done cleaning out the lab, head for behavioral biometrics. Most of what you’ll find in here is about fleshing out the story, but watch for a couple nullwave transmitter grenades, Typhon lure grenades, two neuromods and a medkit. In the room with the glowing yellow filaments, you’ll also find a pair of psi hypos.

Material Extraction and Armory

After sweeping through the Labs A and B, continue forward toward the weaver’s tank. Turn left at the tank and start GLOO’ing out the fires. There are a few mimics that will rush you and spread the fire.

You’ll come to the armory window on your right. Smash through the GLOO blocking the window and fire your huntress boltcaster through the slot in the window to unlock the door on the other side of the room. (You don’t actually have to do this, but it will keep your options open in the next room.)

Continue along the hallway and smash through the GLOO’d-up doorway to get into the materials extraction room. Loop around to the right to hit the Armory for a GLOO cannon, a pistol, two shotguns, a bunch of ammo, the silenced pistol fabrication plan, the shotgun shells fabrication plan and a weapons upgrade kit. Clear out everything you can and bring the turret back out with you.

There’s a corpse on the floor on the left side of the room just outside of the materials storage subject holding room. Pick up her TranScribe to get the "Million Dollar Caulk Gun" optional objective.

The million dollar caulk gun

The materials storage subject holding room is impossible to get into at the moment because there’s a vacuum on the other side. To get into the room, you’ll need to go on a spacewalk to seal up the hole.

Backtrack to the door to Labs B and go upstairs. Go past the hallway you turned into before and around the corner to the right. Right above the entrance to the Atrium that you came through earlier, you’ll find an airlock. Activate the airlock and step outside.

Follow your HUD around to the right and down. The hole in the hull is buried behind a bank of solar panels on the side of the station. Maneuver your way down and plug the hole with your GLOO cannon, then follow your HUD back to the Psychotronics airlock.

Make your way back to the materials storage subject holding room. There are two phantoms and a mimic lurking around in there that you’ll have to deal with. Once they’re dispatched, sweep the room for a ton of exotic material — 50 units or so.

The Psychotronics Prisoner

There’s no way around dealing with Aaron Ingram, the prisoner/test subject in the material extraction cell. The area is locked down because there’s an experiment in progress, and it’s up to you to finish it. You’re going to have to make a choice.

The first option on the computer will pull up Aaron’s rap sheet. Spoiler: It doesn’t help make your decision easier. The other two options on the computer correspond to your decision: Either let him go, or run the experiment on him.

If you let Aaron out of the cell, he’ll give you the code to access the armory (which, if you’ve been following along with this guide, isn’t necessary). If you choose to run the experiment, you’ll kill him with mimics (and get a bunch more exotic material out of the deal), but you’ll have to look at yourself in the mirror tomorrow.

Whichever choice you make, you’ll be jumped by an etheric phantom before you can leave. Set up that turret from the Armory to help you deal with it.

Live Exam

Head back out the the Weaver tank, and go into the hallway labeled live exam morgue. Follow the hallway to the end. There’s another experiment going on in here that you need to complete, but this one is a lot less morally taxing.

Before you start, sweep the room for loot — there’s some ammo and a psychoscope chipset on one of the consoles. You can also grab the psi hypo fabrication plan from the scientist’s corpse in front of the cell.

Use the computer, and choose Live Exam Controls. Hit the Open Containment Shield button to start the experiment. It doesn’t go well.

The voltaic phantom that spawns is a beast to fight, so get ready to unload everything you have on it. Use the cell in the middle of the room for cover. The voltaic phantom is vulnerable to EMP and nullwave grenades, so use them if you’ve got them.

Defeating the phantom will lift the lockdown.


There’s an optional area behind you that you can check out before you continue along the main story’s path. Take the grav lift down to the morgue.

There are several mimics you’ll have to deal with as you sweep the area. Check everywhere. There’s a computer in the back left corner with the Anti-Rad Pharma fabrication plan — something you haven’t needed yet, but it’ll probably come up soon.

The computer has a misleading email about how to get into the morgue. You can ignore it. The way in is to smash a window and use your Huntress Boltcaster to push the button.

Loot everything inside. One of the bodies belongs to Sylvain Bellamy — grabbing his keycard will progress the "The Corpse Vanishes" optional objective.

After you’ve emptied all of the corpses’ pockets, you can head back up to continue progressing the main story.

Get to the GUTS

Head back upstairs and to the main hallway. Your HUD marker will update and point you toward the door (and load screen) for the GUTS


The first room behind the Arboretum grav lock load screen has a bunch of goodies to pick up, along with a recycler and fabricator. There’s also a mimic in there somewhere, so watch what you grab. There’s also a TranScribe that will get you the "Disgruntled Employee" optional objective.

Load up on whatever you want, need or can afford at the fabricator, then head up the stairs. The door at the top is unpowered. You can force it open with Leverage 3, but the easier way is just to look to your right. Above your head, you’ll see an air vent with a body hanging out. Make your way through the air vent, then climb out at the other end to discover the Arboretum.

There’s quite a bit going on up here — with several optional objectives and other distractions. We’re only going to deal with one of the optional things on the way (because it’s convenient). We’ll come back to the rest later (and in another guide).

Head down the stairs ahead of you. Check the corpse on the landing for a(nother) shotgun. Continue down the next flight of stairs (and loot the next corpse as well). You’re right in front of the door to the elevator bank — which is still broken. Since we’re here, we might as well fix it to make travel easier later.

Main Lift

Head into the hallway ahead of you. There’s a medical bay on the right just before the door to the elevator. Hit it for any goodies you can find.

There’s also a hidden storage area (and an etheric phantom) here. You can get to it by smashing through either aquarium screen (these aquariums are also fake) in the hallway, or by moving a crate to access an air vent in the med bay. There’s a cage in the middle of the room that you’ll only be able to get into with Mimic Matter 1 or Leverage 3. Inside the cage, you’ll find a weapon upgrade kit and a shotgun fabrication plan.

Lift Interference

Before you head through the door and the load screen, check your inventory and ammo. Here’s the spoiler: You’re about to face a technopath. Make sure you’re stocked up on medkits, suit repair kits, your favorite ammo and a few EMP charges. Those EMP charges are your secret weapon in fighting a technopath. They’ll disable it for a couple seconds, allowing you to get off some shots with another weapon. If you’ve got ammo for your Q-beam, use it now.

While you’re fighting the technopath, you’ll also have to manage a pair of corrupted operators. You’ve got a lot of options for handling them as well. They’re also vulnerable to EMP charges, or, if you’ve got the time and room, you can GLOO them.

The technopath is the source of the malfunction with the lift, so once it’s dead, the elevator will work. Before you leave the lobby, check the corpse by the elevator doors. You’ll pick up Henry DeVries’ Office keycard and a TranScribe. They’ll get you a new optional objective called, "Do No Harm."

Deep Storage

Back outside of the elevator lobby (and facing the door to the elevator lobby), follow the path around the right. The path will curve left past a locked storage closet (you can get inside with Hacking 4 or by getting the code by completing the optional objective "Save Rani" back in the greenhouse).

You’re about to face an etheric phantom. If you want the backup of a turret, you can get one here. Go back and repair one from the stairs earlier or grab one from the elevator lobby hallway.

Once you find and kill the etheric phantom, head into Deep Storage.

Enter Deep Storage

Take the grav lift down into Deep Storage. There’s not a lot to do here. Activate the airlock on your left (so you can get in from outside later), then go check the body by the door. Looting Zachary West’s corpse will get you a TranScribe and the Crew Quarters keycard.

You’ll learn that the door into Deep Storage is locked with a voice-recognition code. You’ll pick up the hunt for the pieces to that in "Gathering Echoes."

The next level of puzzles.

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