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Prey guide: How to add or remove weapons and psi powers from your favorites wheel

How to make your favorite weapons easier to get to

As you play Prey, you’re going to pick up a number of weapons. Each of these guns and grenades has a use — EMP charges are useful against technopaths, nullwave transmitters are good against telepaths — but as your arsenal grows, quickly selecting the right tool for the job can become a bit of a chore.

Favoriting the disrupter stun gun

You can equip any of your weaponry from from your inventory screen at any time, but this is a pretty unwieldy mechanic in the heat of battle. Your other option is your favorites wheel. Weapons and grenades get added to your favorites wheel when you pick them up. This is really useful early on when you only have a couple of options, but that wheel fills up fast.

Favorited weapons on the wheel

That’s where favoriting and unfavoriting things becomes useful. On your inventory screen, select one of your guns or grenades, then choose the menu option. The last choice on the pop-up will be to either favorite or unfavorite the weapon. You can tell at a glance if a weapon is favorited by the opaque triangle in the upper left corner. (Items mapped to your D-pad have an additional icon in the corner.)

Favorited weapons and powers show up on your favorites wheel. When they’re unfavorited, they don’t. It’s as simple as that, but making those changes in armament quickly might save your life.

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