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Prey guide: Lift Interference walkthrough

The main lift is currently not working. I should find out what the source of the interference is so I can free up the lift and gain access to more of the station.

Lift Interference begins in the Arboretum. It's also part of Polygon's larger Detour walkthrough. Check it out to learn about every enemy and item in your path.

Before you head through the door and the load screen, check your inventory and ammo. Here’s the spoiler: You’re about to face a technopath. Make sure you’re stocked up on medkits, suit repair kits, your favorite ammo and a few EMP charges. Those EMP charges are your secret weapon in fighting a technopath. They’ll disable it for a couple seconds, allowing you to get off some shots with another weapon. If you’ve got ammo for your Q-beam, use it now.

While you’re fighting the technopath, you’ll also have to manage a pair of corrupted operators. You’ve got a lot of options for handling them as well. They’re also vulnerable to EMP charges, or, if you’ve got the time and room, you can GLOO them.

The technopath is the source of the malfunction with the lift, so once it’s dead, the elevator will work. Before you leave the lobby, check the corpse by the elevator doors. You’ll pick up Henry DeVries’ Office keycard and a TranScribe. They’ll get you a new optional objective called, "Do No Harm."

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