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Prey guide: Where to find weapons

Space is dark and full of Typhons, but you’ve got lots of guns to choose from

Prey’s space station, Talos 1, is full of creatures that are trying to kill you. Luckily, there are also weapons scattered all over the station. It’s surprisingly easy it is to miss some of those weapons — sometimes you just walk right past them without noticing, and sometimes they’re just hard to get to.

But we’re here to walk you through the first (or easiest to get to) chances you have to add to your arsenal. (We’ll skip over the wrench and the GLOO cannon because you basically have no choice but to pick them up.)

Disruptor Stun Gun

The first weapon you can find is very, very easy to miss — you have to learn a trick with your GLOO cannon to go retrieve it. If you fire a stream of GLOO at a wall, you can build yourself a staircase.

In the Neuromod Division lobby, right after you pick up the GLOO cannon, you can do just that. Climb your GLOO stairs up to the second floor. You can’t get into any of the rooms yet, but if you look around, you’ll find the corpse of a volunteer. He has (had?) a disruptor stun gun right next to him.


Getting the shotgun early is going to make your life much easier (and longer). It’s actually quite easy to get the shotgun, but it’s just as easy to miss. Happily, you don’t even need any special keycards or codes.

The first shotgun you’ll encounter is in the Talos 1 Lobby on the ground floor. Head to the back right corner of the lobby and look for the hallway labeled Security. Right before the bend in the hallway, look to your left for a yellow pipe running along the wall. Climb up onto it and follow it into the air vent. You’ll drop into the security office, right next to a desk with a shotgun.

Silenced pistol

A little later, but still early on in the game, you’ll have the chance to pick up the silenced pistol. The pistol is not as powerful as the shotgun, but it’s got a lot going for it — it’s quiet (hence the “silenced” part of the name) and won’t attract undue attention, it’s got a high rate of fire and the ammo is plentiful and relatively cheap to fabricate.

To pick up the pistol, you’ll have to make it to your office during the “An Office with a View” objective. You’ll pick up the Teleconferencing keycard off of your desk. When you exit the Executive Offices, Teleconferencing is right across the hall. You’ll have to handle a few mimics when you open the door — one of which is likely pretending to be the pistol you’re looking for.

Huntress Boltcaster

After you pass through the Teleconferencing Center, you’ll be able to cross the Talos 1 Lobby to the Sales Division. Behind the desk in Kelly Randolph’s office, you’ll find the Huntress Boltcaster.

At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss this as a gag weapon — it’s a Nerf gun, after all. But you’ll eventually learn that the dart tips can be used to interact with computers and push buttons, letting you get into rooms that were otherwise inaccessible. You can also use the darts to attract (or distract) Typhons and set off traps. The Huntress Boltcaster is awesome.


By far the most powerful weapon you’ll encounter (relatively) early in the game is the Q-Beam. It takes a bit of work to get, but it’s worth every second of effort.

The Q-Beam is in the aptly named Beams and Waves Lab in the Hardware Labs — you’ll be here during the “Through a Glass Darkly” objective. While you’re out on your spacewalk, you have to repair the breach failsafe next to Dr. Calvino’s body. This will let you into the Beams and Waves lab hallway on the second floor of the Hardware Labs Atrium. Then you have to grab the keycard from a corpse just to the left of the door. Inside the lab, there’s a computer to interact with that will let you practice using, and then pick up the Q-Beam.

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