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Prey guide: How to find Q-Beam ammo and the Q-Beam cells fabrication plan

It’s the most powerful weapon, but you’ll be starving for ammo

In Prey, the Q-Beam is your most powerful weapon. The problem is, ammo is hard to come by and you won’t get the ammo fabrication plan without some effort. Let’s talk about where you can get Q-Beam ammo.

How to find Q-Beam ammo

Obviously, you can just find Q-Beam ammo. But you’re not going to find a lot of it. There’s some in the room where you pick up the Q-Beam. You’ll find more in some of the harder-to-get-to storage lockers and security rooms, but these are few and far between. And relying on the loot gods isn’t going to keep that gun loaded for long.

There’s a bunch more in the Blackbox Labs, but that’s also where you pick up the Q-Beam Cells fabrication plans, so it’s kind of just gravy at that point.

Dismantle operators

Luckily, there’s a (relatively) steady supply of ammo floating around spewing inane comments. The human neuromod ability Dismantle lets you break down extra weapons into spare parts and (and this is easy-to-overlook) allows you to harvest Q-Beam cells from destroyed operators. Every destroyed operator has a set of cells for you to pick up.

Q-Beam cells fabrication plan

The only way to ensure that your Q-Beam is always fully charged is to find the Q-Beam cells fabrication plan. You’ll pick this up during the "The Blackbox Project" optional objective.

You’ll pick up this objective in the same room where you pick up the Q-Beam (in the Hardware Labs during "Through a Glass Darkly"). You’ll then have to find Josh Dalton’s body by going to a security station, then exploring the G.U.T.S. (which is part of the "Detour" objective). You’ll pick up the Blackbox Lab keycard from his corpse which will let you into the Blackbox Lab. The fabrication plans for both the Q-Beam and the Q-Beam cells are available in the computer there.

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