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PlayStation 3

Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 pulled from stores over licensing issue

Terraria and Don’t Starve are swapping monsters for Halloween season

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Find dozens of Easter eggs in this Katamari artwork

A giant piece of art showcases multiple games from Keita Takahashi’s career

Rockstar denies knowledge of its Agent’s whereabouts, activities

Skyrim cart guy’s major nemesis? A bee

The console wars are coming back, whether we wanted it or not

Dead Space 2’s setpieces remain unmatched

Mass Effect Legendary Edition mod puts the butt shots back into the game

Left 4 Dead doesn’t need spiritual successors, it needs updates

First-person Sonic the Hedgehog mod looks like great way to puke fast

Grand Theft Auto Online for Xbox 360 and PS3 shutting down

Resident Evil’s most unsettling theme isn’t zombies — it’s eugenics

PlayStation Store for PS3, PS Vita will not shut down, Sony announces

PlayStation Store for PS3, PS Vita officially closes this summer

Report: PS3, PS Vita stores will close for good this summer

Deadpool writers land Twisted Metal TV series, obviously

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The 10 essential examples of snow and ice in video games

Sony is selling the PS5 at a loss, investors told

Scott Adkins smiles in the foreground as Mortal Kombat 11’s Jaqui Briggs punches a zombified Shaolin Monk in the background.

I made a real action star look at my computer game fights

Asura’s Wrath is ready to help you punch 2021 straight into the moon

Reggie and gaming all-stars sit down for industry roundtable on Twitch

Report: Mass Effect 2 was once a bit more gay, but then Fox News happened

Servers turned off for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Marvel’s Avengers video teases Black Panther, grim future for Hulk’s hairline

Nathan Drake meets Young Nathan Drake in first Uncharted movie set photos

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PlayStation Now’s best games: 15 great places to start

PlayStation Trophies get a makeover, with new levels and icons

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Dead Space 2 director on designing the eye-poke scene: ‘I could barely watch it’

The PlayStation 4 found success in simplicity

Diablo 3 season 21 starts July 3, adds new armor sets and cosmetics

Ubisoft’s new battle royale game is for the looters, not the shooters

The Last of Us all collectible locations guide