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Gran Turismo looks back on 20 years as a PlayStation showpiece

A simple game and a sophisticated experience

Racing is an elemental form of video gaming, almost as old as the medium itself. Today, when a console manufacturer wishes to express the graphical fidelity or processing power of the device to a wide audience, inevitably it comes through a racing video game. And Gran Turismo has been the PlayStation’s showpiece for 20 years.

From its pixelated beginnings to present day, through concepts like reflecting the surrounding environment off the auto glass, or making the tires actually drive on the ground, Gran Turismo’s designers and developers narrate the history of their benchmark franchise.

The developers of Polyphony Digital, and Shuhei Yoshida, PlayStation’s worldwide chief of studios, reflect upon their efforts in this six-minute video. Gran Turismo Sport, the seventh entry in the main series, launches on Tuesday. It comes almost a year after Sony originally wished to have the game ready.

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