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‘PlayStation laptop’ modder updates his line with Pro, Slim models

The Slim is still kinda ... chunky though

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Ed Zarick, the modsmith who made laptop versions of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (and jammed an Xbox 360 and Xbox One in a single case) is back at it. Here's his new PS4 Slim laptop.

The 19-inch screen is smaller than Zarick's preceding run of "PlayBooks" (with a 22-inch screen). And the case appears anything but slim compared to any laptop launched in the past, oh, ever. But lightest, slimmest, most elegant and all that Apple crap is not the point; this is an all-in-one unit you can take on the go.

Importantly, none of these laptops have batteries. However, they do have an HDMI splitter, so it can jack into a big screen as easily as it is played in a Starbucks. (Well, assuming you're sitting next to an unused power outlet there. Which is a big if, granted.)

It gets better, though. Some high roller paid Zarick to mod up a PS4 Pro laptop, which features a whopping 24-inch display. Using the extra horizontal space on the chassis, Zarick inlaid an Android touch-screen to use the PlayStation app.

"It's not as portable as the Playbook 4S," Zarick concedes. "You might have trouble getting this on a carry-on [bag]." But, bet your ass it's a conversation piece for whoever commissioned this.

Zarick sells his wares and takes custom orders, but this doesn't come cheap. He'll do a PlayBook 4 Slim for $1,495, or $1,195 if you ship him your console to be put inside the case. He'll also upgrade the hard drive if you ask. For most of us, though, this just is good ol' casemod porn.

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