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Kingdom Hearts 3’s themes performed ‘only for you’ in PS VR

Tide yourself over for the next 10 days with some free virtual reality

We have listened to Kingdom Hearts 3’s theme song “Face My Fears,” and pronounced it “a total bop.” So it behooves us to inform likeminded fans that the singer, J-pop superstar Hikaru Utada, has brought a performance of that song, and another Kingdom Hearts 3 theme, to PlayStation VR.

The production is from Utada’s “Laughter in the Dark” 2018 Tour. As the video above shows, her team brought filmed her performance from three different camera angles. From there, fans just strap on the VR headset and it’s “as if Hikaru Utada were singing only for you,” says the promotional copy. It launched on the PlayStation Store yesterday, and it’s free. She performs “Hikari” (the Japanese title of the aforesaid bop) and “Chikai” (“Don’t Think Twice”)

The “in concert” part means that she’s performing on stage, not literally at one of her events, with fans all around you. Here is a Japanese-language behind-the-scenes video, but even if you don’t speak the language, you can contextually follow the setup and production for her VR-only performance.

The long- (and I mean long) awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 launches in North America on Jan. 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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