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Climb aboard Days Gone’s motorcycle — but don’t run out of gas

Remember, Oregon gas stations are full service

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Hell yeah! We are exactly three months from the launch date for the most anticipated video game of 2019 according to a J.D. Power and Associates survey of me: Days Gone. Yes, on April 26, I will finally tear from the restraints of my mid-life complacency (or the seatbelt of a 2009 Honda Fit) and hit the open road.

Sony Bend dropped the video above on Thursday, and it’s the second in a series about the game’s world. The first one (below) you may have missed. I did, too. It introduced the open world of the Pacific Northwest wilderness and the Freakers (i.e. zombies) and Marauders who are definitely not cool about you riding through.

The latest video (at top) is about your bike, which is gonna require some Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. And fuel. Running out of gas is likely to dump you in hostile territory with no way to escape, says Sony Bend. It remains to be seen how real of a threat that is, whether fuel in the game is so plentiful it rarely happens, or if you really do have to get by sucking 87 octane from every Freaker-infested Stuckey’s. Also, remember this is in Oregon, so you’re gonna have to get some zit-faced teenage revenant to pump it for you.

The bike itself is not changeable but its parts are, and it figures that some missions need higher level gear to even attempt. A network of safe houses (including a Firewatch-y tower or two) and fast travel roads will both encourage exploration and help you get around quicker.

Pretty standard open-world fare so, again, Days Gone’s appeal seems to be how it applies the biker motifs to the zombie apocalypse struggle. I’m all for it, I’ve been ready for a proper, dedicated biker fantasy video game for about a decade now. But I acknowledge that in the three years since it was first announced, it’s gotten overshadowed by bigger Sony exclusives and other folks’ attention may have drifted.

Days Gone launches April 26 on PlayStation 4.

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