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Wet weather on the way for Gran Turismo Sport

Red Bull Ring finally gets doused in 2017 racer

Nearly two years after it launched, Gran Turismo Sport will be getting its first wet-weather full course. No arrival date has been set for it, but fans can watch some Puegeot rally cars slip and slide through the Red Bull Ring above.

Coque Lopez, a racer for Williams Racing eSports, takes the viewer on a hot lap at Spielberg, and if a sim racer is squalling this much in heavy wet weather, you can imagine the challenge to schlubs like me.

Even though the Gran Turismo series had dynamic weather and day-night cycles on GT 5 and 6 — for PlayStation 3 — the feature is effectively absent from GT Sport, which made the series’ PS4 debut in October 2017. There is one wet-racing location, the infield at Northern Isle, but it’s used in the driving school.

A leak earlier this week suggested GT Sport was getting a wet track, so today’s video appears to confirm that. No word yet when this feature will join the game though.

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