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People are openly mocking Sony’s new PS5 logo

Yes, it looks familiar

New PlayStation 5 logo, which looks exactly like the old one Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Nicole Carpenter is a senior reporter specializing in investigative features about labor issues in the game industry, as well as the business and culture of games.

Sony’s keeping its next-generation console design a secret for a bit longer, but it’s got something to show: the PlayStation 5 logo. The company revealed the PS5 logo during its CES 2020 presentation on Monday night — and, likely, it’s the exact logo you may have expected. Everyone’s got a joke about it.

Let me walk you through it: Think of the PlayStation 4 logo, with white text on a black background. Delete the 4 and replace it with a 5, and there you have it. It’s not necessarily surprising that the logo is so similar; it’s closely following in the design style that’s been used since the beginning.

I think the jokes have something to do with the way it was revealed, on a big stage at a large technology event. Sony Interactive Entertainment president CEO Jim Ryan kicked off Sony’s CES press conference by talking up Sony’s consoles, leading into the reveal: “I’m pleased to show you, for the first time, our new logo.”

Whatever the reason, the internet’s been flooded with jokes — not surprising, either — about the PS5 logo.

Sony’s slowly been revealing new information about the PS5 ahead of the console’s holiday 2020 release window, but we still don’t know what the box looks like. Microsoft, on the other hand, showed off its next-generation console during The Game Awards 2020 — a big, sleek tower called the Xbox Series X. Like the PS5, it’s coming during the holiday season.

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