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How to enter the secret loot cave in PUBG’s snow map

Vikendi has a secret cave full of loot and air drops, but it isn’t easy to get to

Vikendi PUBG map with cave markers PUBG Corp.
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ new map, Vikendi, has been on live servers for a little over a month now. While players already seem to be having a good time on the snow-covered map, it seems that PUBG Corp. isn’t quite done adding to it yet. In that latest patch, which came out on Jan. 31, a secret cave full of loot was added to the map.

The cave is hidden away in the northeastern part of the map, in a small unassuming field.

Vikendi PUBG map with cave markers
Vikendi map with cave markers
PUBG Corp. via Polygon

There are three separate entrances to the cave, at these three spots, but each one is crowded with rocks.

Vikendi’s cave entrances
PUBG Corp. via Polygon

The only way to uncover these hidden entrances is to drive a vehicle or throw a grenade into the pile of rocks at any of these three entrances. After the rocks are blown away, a small tunnel will be revealed. Keep in mind it will still be difficult to see, as it’s carefully camouflaged by the side of the mountain.

One of the tunnels that leads to Vikendi’s secret cave
PUBG Corp. via Polygon

Once inside, there are piles of loot, including guns and armor sitting loose on barrels and on the floor. Finally, at the center of all three tunnels is a giant cave with several of the game’s signature red crates. Normally reserved only for air drops, they’re simply sitting around, full of loot, waiting for someone to find them.

Vikendi’s loot cave
PUBG Corp. via Polygon

While reaching this loot cave is complicated by any measure, getting there with other players around is even tougher. While the impulse to try to get to the cave first in a game can be tempting, it’s sometimes better to come along later, after others have opened it up and just try steal the loot from whoever got there first. Either way, whoever comes out of the cave alive will have some of the best loot in all of Vikendi.

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