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The director of The Woman King on what really matters when making a historical epic

The Last of Us Part 1 considered every detail — it’s not just ‘beauty for the sake of it,’ say co-directors

Riot’s new head of League Studio on the ‘balancing act’ of updating a multiverse

Dan Trachtenberg tells us why Prey is like a sports movie

In Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, intense friendship and game design are intertwined

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How Neon White brought back the leaderboard chase

We interviewed game lead Ben Esposito

How roasting marshmallows became the ‘emotional core’ of Outer Wilds

DC’s flagship Batman writer wants to know: ‘How essential is money to Batman?’

Deadpool’s writers explain their Chris Hemsworth dance dreams in Spiderhead

Meet the TikToker who lets a D20 decide what goes into his lunchtime sandwiches

Players creators on how they brought their ‘esports love story’ to life

Top Gun: Maverick’s director explains how he convinced Tom Cruise to come back

Jerry Bruckheimer explains why action movies haven’t changed much since Top Gun

Moon Knight’s director hints there may be more to the show than we think

‘My body is ready’: How Reggie learned to speak Nintendo’s language of fun

Sam Raimi on how he let Doctor Strange audiences ‘build their own nightmare’

Riley Stearns explains the bizarre performances in his micro sci-fi movie Dual

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Have a phone with a camera? You can make games

Yes, the directors of Everything Everywhere All At Once are trying to destroy your brain

Sonic 2 director on creating a ‘fully realized, fully dimensional’ Knuckles

How Norco’s creators used sci-fi to paint an honest depiction of Louisiana

The creator of Severance answers our questions about that ‘powerful fucking ending’

How a movie like Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus gets made

Our Flag Means Death’s creator on the show’s fandom and future, in season 2 and beyond

Taika Waititi warns that his pirate show Our Flag Means Death might turn viewers into pirates

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An oral history of The Matrix video games and their bonkers alternate ending

Meet the developers who crafted Wachowskis’ vision for Enter the Matrix and Path of Neo

Warframe’s The New War is a long-awaited quest to save Space Mom

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The board game Root would never have worked as a D&D campaign

Why Magpie Games’ Root: The Roleplaying Game chose to be Powered by the Apocalypse

The Expanse authors were always building toward Leviathan Falls’ world-altering ending

Capcom’s quest to translate The Great Ace Attorney for Western audiences

Doug Bowser on Nintendo’s obsession with March 31, plus Joy-Con drift and the Switch Pro rumors

What's it like for a developer to watch speedrunners break their game?

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