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Quantum Break collectibles: Act 2-1

Chronon Source

Your first chronon source is straight ahead as soon as you take control of Jack in the warehouse.

Chronon Source

When you reach the warehouse with the wall of crates you can destroy and rebuild, you can find the chronon source by heading through the gap created by the destroyed crates, then taking a slight right and running to the end of the room.

Narrative Object: Ground Zero Map

You can see this in the warehouse monitoring room.

Narrative Object: Email

Find this on a laptop in warehouse monitoring room.

Quantum Ripple

This is automatically triggered by accessing the email above.

Narrative Object: Strategy poster

Find this on the wall of the warehouse monitoring room.

Chronon Source

You'll come to a warehouse with guards and an elevator. Dispatch the baddies, then take the elevator to the second level and head left once you exit. You'll find the chronon source along the path to the window outside.

Narrative Object: Email

When you rescue your companion (Amy or Nick, depending on your choice in Act 1 Junction), you can access a laptop sitting by the window where you entered.

Intel: Eye drop bottle

Before exiting the room where your companion was being detained, grab this clue from the table to right of the door.

Chronon Source

Snag this upgrade from atop some scaffolding near the warehouse (after you use Time Dodge to get through the gate). To reach it, go through the gap in the train cars and turn around, use the nearby crate to climb on top of the cars, then work your way left until you can jump to the scaffolding. Turn left again to collect the chronon source.

Chronon Source

From the scaffolding where you found the last chronon source, run to the opposite end and jump off onto the rust-colored shipping container. You'll be able to access the roof of the nearby building, then drop through a hole in the roof to grab your upgrade.

Chronon Source

This is in a fenced-in area just in front of where you entered the yard (you'll see a water tower inside the fence). To reach it, get on top of the train cars and work your way right to the tunnel joining the warehouses. Once you're in the tunnel, turn left and jump down to a blue roof, then leap to the fenced-in area and claim your chronon source.

Narrative Object: Confession video

This collectible is automatically unlocked by Amy when you let her into the building. (If you chose "Hardline" in the Act 1 Junction, Nick is your companion and this collectible isn't available, but you won't be penalized for that choice — you'll just have eight Narrative Objects in this level instead of nine.)

Narrative Object: Email

Look for the map on the wall of the room where you let Amy/Nick in — you should find a laptop to the right of the map.

Narrative Object: Radio broadcast

You'll find the radio on a table to the right of the door where you let in Amy/Nick.

Chronon Source

You'll pass through an alleyway where you're supposed to enter a door beneath an awning. Before going in, climb on the blue trash bin, then leap to the top of the awning to find a chronon source.

Narrative Object: Radio

Use the radio to eavesdrop on Monarch in the room where you disable the security door.

Narrative Object: Email

Find this on a laptop In the room where you disable the security door.

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