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Quantum Break collectibles: Act 2-3

Chronon Source

When you first take control of Jack, run around the right side of the pool building and use Time Vision to get onto the roof area near the front of the building, then run toward the "AWE" graffiti to find the collectible.

Chronon Source

From the roof where you found the first chronon source, work your way back to the scaffolding above the trash bin where you climbed up, then jump for the higher scaffolding toward the back of the building (it looks too far to make it, but you'll see a yellow panel hanging down from the platform, which is this game's symbol for "the path Is over here"). Once on the platform, go through the hole in the roof to the attic, where the chronon source is.)

Narrative Object: Audio file — Schrodinger test

When you've found Will's workbench in the dining area of the pool, collect this file from the workbench on the opposite end from the computer.

Narrative Object: Moving bill

Find this document on the workbench next to the audio tape.

Narrative Object: Bradbury Swimming Pool Deed

Grab this from the workbench next to the computer.

Narrative Object: Radio broadcast

You can find the radio at the end of the diner counter.

Chronon Source

Find an upgrade in the kitchen by going through the "employees only" double doors near the radio.

Chronon Source

Before you enter the pool area, follow the cables from the gate switch to a fuse box, where another chronon source awaits.

Narrative Object: Email

Read this on the computer to the right of the entrance to the pool.

Narrative Object: Countermeasure schematics

These are posted on the bulletin board to the right of the entrance to the pool.

Narrative Object: Time machine schematics

This document can be found in the corner of the pool room, to the left of a bush that's sprung up from between the tiles.

Narrative Object: Parents Killed article

That bush in the corner? Walk over it to access a side room with several collectibles. The first is on the desk near the bank of monitors.

Chronon Source

Investigate the scaffolding at back of the side room — you should find a chronon source there.

Narrative Object: Time machine room map

You'll find this on a platform in a corner of the pool room, to the left of the entrance.

Narrative Object: Physicist on the Rise article

Read this by searching a desk to the right of the time machine room map.

Narrative Object: Civilian's Guide to Time Travel

Run to the very back of the pool room and look for a computer desk on the back wall. This document can be found on that desk.

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