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Quantum Break collectibles: Act 3-1

Chronon Source

After you disable the turret in the yard, run up the stairs to the nearby cannon to find a chronon source.

Narrative Object: Gull Island sign

After raising and crossing a bridge in the yard, you'll enter an area with a dismantled cannon and some enemies to take out. The sign is behind the cannon base.

Chronon Source

Use Time Vision to reassemble the cannon in the yard, then run up onto scaffolding and climb up onto the stone ledge behind the cannon. Your objective points you across the cannon, but first, run to the right until the ledge dead-ends behind a tree. You'll find a chronon source there.

Chronon Source

After running across the cannon, turn left and go down the stairs to collect this upgrade.

Narrative Object: Radio broadcast

Find the radio inside the radar tower booth.

Chronon Source

You can collect this near the radar tower, behind the helicopter on the helipad.

Chronon Source

Head back to the radar tower and look for a set of stairs you can go down. A chronon source awaits you at the base of the tower.

Narrative Object: Gala speech

Find this on a laptop inside the Research and Development Facility, near where you enter from the radar tower.

Quantum Ripple

Your next Quantum Ripple is automatically unlocked by streaming the speech to the Internet.

Narrative Object: Research and Development Facility map

You'll see this on the wall behind the frozen soldiers as you exit the elevator.

Chronon Source

From the map you just examined, turn right and go all the way to end of hall, then take a right and follow the hall until it dead-ends into a lab. Turn left, and the upgrade is waiting for you by the map on the wall.

Narrative Object: Whiteboard

Find this in the corner of Testing 01, the lab where you disable the chronon disrupter

Narrative Object: Email

Head to the back of Testing 01 and look for a laptop with your next collectible.

Narrative Object: Monarch Technology Timeline sign

After killing the shift-proof guards in the lobby area, look for this timeline on the wall.

Chronon Source

From the Monarch Technology Timeline sign, turn left and run all the way to the end of the hall to find a chronon source.

Narrative Object: Gull Island Monarch Noticeboard

After you fight the Juggernaut, you'll continue into an area with several offices. The noticeboard is on the right as you enter the office area.

Narrative Object: Email

Look for this on a computer in office 201.

Narrative Object: Email

You'll find this on a computer in office 202.

Narrative Object: Email

And this is on a computer in office 203.

Narrative Object: Email

As you enter Amaral's office (number 204), you'll see a computer where you can find another email.

Narrative Object: Projected Fracture Progression

Find this chart on the wall in Amaral's office.

Narrative Object: Shifter presentation

You can see this on the laptop near the X-ray display in Amaral's office.

Intel: CFR Briefing

Find this on the table in Amaral's office.

Narrative Object: Email

See this on a computer in office 205 (where the frozen woman is playing Alan Wake).

Narrative Object: Email

Once you've explored all the offices on the second level, head downstairs for more collectibles. The first is an email on a computer in office 102.

Narrative Object: Email

You can find this on a computer in office 103.

Intel: Brenner's mug

This is on a desk in office 103, behind the frozen man.

Chronon Source

Your path will take you through the mini lab area in the center of the offices. Before you leave, explore the bank of lockers for another chronon source.

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