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Quantum Break collectibles: Act 3-2

Narrative Object: Adventurous Religious Singles website

When you begin this level, head into the conference room to your left. You'll find this slightly embarrassing collectible on a laptop being read by a frozen man.

Narrative Object: Email

In the same conference room, you can find another email on the unoccupied laptop.

Narrative Object: Lifeboat Presentation

Return to the spot where you stated the level and hit the conference room on your right. The presentation is on a whiteboard here.

Chronon Source

Check the conference room on the second floor to find this upgrade.

Chronon Source

When you pass through the unstable doors leading toward the parking garage, check near the elevator to find a chronon source.

Narrative Object: Audio file — Adventures in Flesh

This questionable audiobook is loaded on a tablet that you can find on top of a crate in the garage Simply head right from where you entered the garage.

Quantum Ripple

Playing Adventures in Flesh will unlock a Quantum Ripple.

Narrative Object: Radio broadcast

After you pass through a door to exit the parking garage, look for the radio nearby.

Chronon Source

To the left of the radio is a roof access door — search here for a chronon source.

Chronon Source

Keep going up the roof access stairs until you reach a dead end in front of a "No Trespassing" sign. Another chronon source awaits you here.

Narrative Object: Text message

After you pass through the gala entrance, you'll see a truck. Check inside for a phone with the text.

Chronon Source

Head to the podium outside the mansion (it's on the left side of the path you'll take from the gala entrance to the mansion) to grab a chronon source.

Chronon Source

You'll find another chronon source on a red couch outside the mansion (behind the buffet table).

Intel: Fiona's cocktail sword

Grab your next piece of intel from the table next to the red couch.

Narrative Object: Email

Just before entering the mansion, you'll see a tablet with another email.

Chronon Source

You and Beth will see a drone frozen on a patio. Before continuing to your objective, walk to the end of the patio to collect an upgrade.

Chronon Source

The final collectible of this level is on the patio near the control room where you open the boat gate.

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