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Quantum Break collectibles: Act 4-1

Chronon Source

Run straight ahead to the end of the alley. You'll find the chronon source in a shallow stairwell there.

Chronon Source

When you start climbing to the rooftops, collect a chronon source from the top of the awning in the alleyway.

Narrative Object: Night Springs video

You'll find this on a TV straight ahead as you enter the abandoned building.

Narrative Object: Radio broadcast

After you agree to meet Beth at the pier, walk down the ramps and find the radio at the bottom.

Chronon Source

After you crawl out of the building window, turn around and examine the end of the walkway to find your upgrade.

Chronon Source

Another chronon source can be found after you enter the pier gate - simply turn around and investigate.

(If you chose "Hardline" in the Act 1 Junction, the scene on the bridge and the available collectibles will be different.)

Narrative Object: Monarch Noticeboard

The noticeboard is behind the car as you enter the road level of the bridge.

Narrative Object: Jack Joyce mugshot

A Monarch guard is showing the mugshot to a truck driver on the bridge.

Narrative Object: Monarch Field Orders Update

Find this on a laptop that's sitting on a table next to some cups of coffee.

Chronon Source

Look for another chronon source behind the car being served coffee by a Monarch guard.

Chronon Source

Near the end of this level, you'll climb a ladder to top of the bridge run across a ledge and see another ladder to climb down. Before taking the ladder, continue to the end of path to collect a chronon source.

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