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Quantum Break collectibles: Act 4-3

Narrative Object: Email

At the base of the ramps leading down from the time machine, look for a laptop with an email to read.

Narrative Object: Radio broadcast

The radio is on the table next to the laptop.

Chronon Source

Collect a chronon source in the side room, near where the document collection was located in the last level.

Narrative Object: Beth's journal

Read about Beth's ordeal when you find her journal in the Toto graffiti room.

Chronon Source

Upon exiting the Toto graffiti room, run up the stairs to collect a chronon source from the landing.

Narrative Object: Wall of calendars

Check these out as you follow Beth through the target practice room. They're on the right.

Chronon Source

Before following Beth up the stairs to the dining room, head into the locker room at the base of the stairs to find a chronon source.

Narrative Object: Beth's new 2010 plan

In the dining room, Beth advises you to gear up. Do so, but first check out the plan on the table.

Narrative Object: Rise of Monarch

Look at the bulletin board in the dining room for your final collectible of the level.

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