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Quantum Break collectibles: Act 4-4

Quantum Ripple

Early in this level, you'll find yourself following Beth on a catwalk near the stadium. Turn around to interact with a fuse box that activates the final Quantum Ripple of the game. (If you activated all Quantum Ripples, this should earn you the "Tossing Stones in a Pond" achievement.)

Chronon Source

After jumping off the catwalk, Beth will want you to go right to get into the lab. First, turn left and run to the end of the alley, where a chronon source awaits you.

Narrative Object: Countermeasure designs

You'll find these on the table on the right side of Will's lab, near a wall of circuits.

Chronon Source

You'll notice that your Time Vision indicator will start flashing while you're near the TV in the lab, leading to a chronon source behind it. To access it, head right from the TV to get behind the wall and collect the upgrade.

Narrative Object: Will's journal

Read this on the large three-monitor computer in the lab.

Narrative Object: Radio broadcast

You'll find the radio on a toolbox on the left side of the lab.

Chronon Source

Your quest to unlock a security door will have you following a yellow wire into a wood-paneled building. Before heading inside, climb up the crates next to the building to access the roof and collect a chronon source.

Narrative Object: Will's whiteboard

When you follow the wire into the wood-paneled room, look for the whiteboard on the wall.

Narrative Object: Time machine designs

Once you're inside the room with the safe, look for a bulletin board with your final Narrative Object of the level.

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