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Quantum Break collectibles: Act 5-1

Narrative Object: Radio broadcast

This is a tough one to find, as it won't be marked with the bookmark signifier that most Narrative Objects have. Find the radio on the info desk at the far end of the lobby (near the ammo backpack). Then, you'll have to use Time Vision and hold Y to extract the broadcast from the time stutter.

Narrative Object: Monarch HQ directory map

After Fiona unlocks the door leading to the escalator, head through and check out this map next to the escalator.

Chronon Source

At the directory map, turn around and face the doors where you came in. You'll see a couple of restrooms — a chronon source can be found by the men's room.

Intel: Monarch Radio note

Pick up the note at reception desk after you head up the escalator.

Narrative Object: Email

Look behind the reception desk for a computer with an email to read.

Narrative Object: Email

Find this on a tablet behind the reception desk.

Narrative Object: Email

You see a white couch ahead of you as you exit the elevator. Check the tablet sitting on the couch for another email.

Narrative Object: Email

Find this on a computer in the office area where you fight two juggernauts.

Narrative Object: Monarch Protocol

At the back of the office area, you can see this poster near the conference table

Chronon Source

After the office area, you'll make your way through a hallway with lots of dead Monarch guards. The path leads you through a conference room, and a chronon source can be found in the corner.

Narrative Object: Video file — Time Knife promo

There are two Narrative Objects in the conference room where you found the chronon source. This one is first in your path, but you may want to read the email next to it to understand the video better.

Narrative Object: Email

Read this on a laptop next to the computer with the video file.

Intel: Monarch paperweight with note

This is on the desk in the corner after Jack talks about Monarch's time machine.

Narrative Object: Email

After finding the intel, turn right and follow the corridor to the next corner. Your next Narrative Object is on a desk to your left.

Narrative Object: Note

This is sitting on the reception desk at the front of Paul's office.

Narrative Object: Email

During a cutscene, you'll use a laptop to open a door in Paul's office — interact with it after the cutscene to read another email.

Narrative Object: Email

This is on a tablet on the white bookshelf on the second floor of Serene's office/living quarters.

Intel: Serene's tablet

You can read Paul's thoughts on his tablet, which was left by the bed in his office/living quarters.

Chronon Source

You'll find this upgrade hidden behind the painting on the wall behind Paul's bed.

Narrative Object: Email

Downstairs in Paul's office, you'll find a laptop in front of whiteboard timeline.

Narrative Object: Sofia's personal notes

Head down the stairs to exit Paul's office, and you'll see an MRI lab directly in front of you. You can read Sofia's notes on a laptop here.

Narrative Object: Email

You can find this on a laptop in the lab with light-up tables (if you chose "Control," this is the room where you fight Liam Burke).

Narrative Object: Email

Read this on another laptop in the same lab as the previous email.

Narrative Object: Personal Notes on the CFR

When you enter the room that houses the CFR chamber, you can view these notes on the table to the left.

Intel: Charlie's badge

Find your final Intel item on the floor to the right of the CFR room entrance. If you've collected all Intel items, you'll receive the "Knowledge is Power" achievement.

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