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Quantum Break collectibles: Act 5-2

Chronon Source

Instead of heading to the elevator as suggested by the game, find a ramp up. Walk up the ramp, turn right, and run along a short corridor to a blue vault door where your upgrade is waiting.

Chronon Source

You'll find this outside near the frozen Monarch helicopter — climb up on the forklift to access it.

Chronon Source

Another chronon source is waiting in the hall leading out of the parking garage. It's above a bench on the right side of the hall

Narrative Object: Note regarding chronon dampener

You'll find this next to the cord connecting the chronon dampener to the power grid. (You'll have to ignore its advice to continue.)

Chronon Source

To access the library, you'll have to climb up a yellow crane. There are two ladders to climb — once you've gotten up the first one, run around the platform to collect your upgrade.

Chronon Source

Another chronon source is in the chemistry building, at the far right corner of the swanky-looking library filled with dead Monarch guards.

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