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Quantum Break collectibles guide

Quantum Break, developer Remedy Entertainment's daring experiment in interactive narrative (or a video game that interrupts gameplay with half-hour-long cutscenes, depending on who you ask), has a whole lot of collectibles to discover.

Quantum Break's timeline offers a helpful overview of what collectibles you can expect to find in each level. Polygon's guide shows you the locations of every collectible in Quantum Break.

Most collectibles are narrative objects — documents and artifacts that offer insight into the story. You'll also find a few quantum ripples (actions that affect the future), chronon sources (upgrade points you can spend buffing your various time powers) and intel items (clues that help move the story along).

A note about narrative choices

Certain choices you make in the game result in minor differences in the type and location of collectibles you find. Most of these will have no real effect on gameplay or collectibles. For example, a radio broadcast will have a different voices on it, or an email found in the same location will refer to a different scenario.

Depending on your choices, a few collectibles won't be available. Quantum Break doesn't penalize you for this. You'll still be able to get 100 percent by unlocking the collectibles that are available to you.

Polygon's Quantum Break guide is based on the following gameplay choices:

  • Act 1 Junction: PR
  • Act 2 Junction: Business
  • Act 3 Junction: Sofia Amaral
  • Act 4 Junction: Control

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4

Act 5

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