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How to kill the Varuna Point Rhino Shark boss in Raft

Bait the shark into pillars to make it go belly up

A Raft character harvests the dead Rhino Shark, which went belly up Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Polygon

One of the later Raft areas is Varuna Point, a sunken skyscraper with a crane at the top. As you venture into the depths to explore the underwater parts of the building, you’ll eventually run into a huge shark boss that you’ll have to defeat to move on. Our Raft shark boss guide explains how to easily take down the Rhino Shark.

Before you head off to fight the shark, we strongly recommend that you have both an Oxygen Bottle and Flippers. Both of these can be made with various debris found in the ocean and Vine Goo. While you’re down there, make use of the bubbles coming from the vents to replenish your oxygen.

[Ed. note: We’ve seen some reports about players somehow accidentally killing the shark through other means before it breaks the pillars. Make sure not to attack it or make attempts to kill it without using the method below, as the Rhino Shark has to open paths for you to continue. If you kill it before it opens all of the paths, you will be unable to proceed in the game.]

Once you get to the shark, you’ll need to stand between it and one of the four pillars. The shark will charge at you, so once it aims its head down, you should move out of the way, forcing the shark to hit the pillar.

After hitting the pillar, it will open up, allowing you to place one of the nearby explosive barrels in the metal pillar framing. Bait the shark into ramming into the pillar again to blow up the pillar and create an opening in the ceiling.

A cracked pillar with an explosive barrel inside Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Polygon

Head through the opening to see another two pillars and the shark, which moved up from below. These pillars will have a metal base, so you’ll need to specifically get the shark to ram into the upper, unprotected part. Repeat the process with the pillars and explosive barrels. When another hole in the ceiling opens up, head up to find one more pillar.

After repeating the process again, the shark will die, allowing you to harvest it for tons of Raw Sharkmeat and a special trophy, which you can see below.

A Raft character with a polar bear head stands next to the Rhino Shark Trophy, hanging from the boat. Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Polygon

You can now head up the final hole in the ceiling to grab the Crane Key and finish Varuna Point.

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