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Raft Varuna Point story island walkthrough

Explore the depths and peaks of Varuna Point

Varuna Point in Raft Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games
Johnny Yu (he/him) is a guides writer at Polygon. He has written about games such as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Diablo 4, and Fire Emblem Engage.

Varuna Point, the sixth story island in Raft, features two partly submerged buildings and a towering crane. You’ll easily lose your sense of direction underwater as you juggle ocean creatures and your oxygen levels. Our Raft Varuna Point guide will ease your struggles and show you the correct path to the next story island.

For Varuna Point, you’ll need a Zipline Tool to progress through the story. We recommend an Oxygen Bottle and Flippers as the majority of the exploration is underwater.

Search for the spotlight parts

Glowing jellyfish block an entrance to an underwater building in Raft Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

After you arrive at Varuna Point, dive between both buildings and find a hole blocked by jellyfish. Wait for the jellyfish to drift apart and swim through the opening. If you’re running low on oxygen, move to the air bubbles or breach the air pockets to replenish your air supply. Explore each floor and search for four spotlight parts, but beware of the anglers residing in some of the rooms. After finding four, leave and head down toward the broken spotlight that needs four spotlight parts. The spotlight will shine at a group of jellyfish to show another opening.

Watch out for nails and traps

A dark hallway in Raft, filled with various rubble and traps Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

Progress through the new opening until you reach the second air pocket where you’ll breach and traverse on foot. Avoid the spikes and watch out for the tripwires low to the ground. Explore the rest of the building until you reach the room with the Motherlode Key and Advanced Head Light Blueprint. Collect both items and climb up the crates on the side to find the exit and a painting that shows you where to head next. Leave through the double doors and dive underwater. Follow the bright, colorful coral on the side of the building toward a gate, which requires the Motherlode Key.

A map diagram showing that the player needs to head lower in the building Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

Fighting the Rhino Shark

Descend the submerged building and fight anglers along the way. You’ll reach another glass walkway with a gate at the end. As you approach, the Rhino Shark will crash through the gate, leaving an opening for you to come through. To defeat the Rhino Shark, have the shark charge toward one of the pillars and place an explosive barrel inside the broken pillar. Taunt the shark toward the pillar again to cause an explosion, which will open a hole in the ceiling. Ascend through the hole and repeat the process until the boss is defeated. Progress onward to find a Crane Key and Wind Turbine Blueprint. Jump up the ladder to discover an exit and return to the surface.

Jump to the top of the Crane

A large destroyed building with a crane at the top in Raft Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

Climb the scaffolding on the side of the building to reach the base floor of the crane building. Keep a weapon handy as there are roaming lurkers as you ascend the tower. Make your way to the top of the red, modular building to arrive at the second floor. Jump on top of the yellow crane, and hop across the pillars to the third floor. Progress through the scaffolding on the side of the building, and climb up the crane’s ladder. Inside the driver’s compartment, insert the Crane Key to unlock the lever, and pull it to drop the boxes onto the second building. Before you zipline to the second building, grab the Electric Grill Blueprint on the second floor of the crane.

Zipline down to the second building and traverse through the opening. At the bottom of the hole, you’ll find the Advanced Battery Blueprint and your Temperance Island Code. Exit through the pipes in the floor and start your journey to the next story island.

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