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Raft Utopia docks, electrical lines, and pipes walkthrough

How to get through Detto’s garden area

Utopia, a sunken city rebuilt on the water, in Raft Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

Utopia, the seventh story island in Raft, is supposed to be the floating promised island, but it’s filled with prowling hyenas waiting to hunt you down. You arrive at an uninhabited resort only to find out the civilians have been locked away. With our Utopia guide, you’ll get one step closer to rescuing the civilians and reclaiming the island paradise.

For Utopia, you’ll need a Zipline Tool to progress the story.

Uncover Detto’s codes from the dirt

A drawing showing where to dig up hidden map codes Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

Once you arrive at Utopia, make your way to Detto’s house, a yellow building with a tower that is surrounded by farmland. At Detto’s house, a map will show you where Detto’s codes are buried. Grab the shovel and note next to the map, and dig up the codes at the circled locations. If you forget where the codes are hidden, open your notebook to see the map.

After finding the codes, return to the house and open the door. Collect the harpoon and Big Backpack Blueprint inside.

Power the water pump

After exiting Detto’s house, head towards the buildings on the right. Be wary of the hyenas that roam around this area as they’ll drag you around the island. The only way to release yourself is to attack them, so keep a weapon handy! Search for five electrical cables scattered around to power the water pump. Not all of the electrical cables are accessible from the ground floor, so utilize the crates to reach higher locations. If you’re having trouble, find the electrical cables at the marked locations in the image below.

A map marking where to find several electrical cables in Raft Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

After collecting five electrical cables, connect the generators using the electrical posts on the roofs. Dragging an electrical cable and ziplining at the same time is impossible, so stack the crates to reach the tallest building with ziplines on the roof. Zipline towards the shorter buildings, and drag the cables back up to the post on the taller building. If you’re having trouble finding where to place the cables, use the image below for assistance.

A map connecting electrical poles from the top down Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

Fill up the water tank

Once the water pump has power, water will flow to three rotating pipe puzzles. Rotate each circle to align the pipes with the input and output on the outside rings. Repeat for each puzzle to fill up the water tank. If you’re struggling, refer to the images below for guidance.

When done correctly, the water tank will fill with water, and raise the carbon dioxide canister to the top. Grab the canister, and return to Detto’s house.

Zipline to the Entrance Keys

Take the stairs to the top of the tower, and launch the harpoon! Zipline across, and retrieve the Entrance Key on the table. Hop outside the broken glass, and zipline down towards the buildings. Follow the path past the gate that requires two Entrance Keys, and head towards the bigger building around the corner that requires a Master Key. Fetch the second Entrance Key on the steps of the building, and return to the gate to proceed up the towers.

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